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Indigenous leaders
Climate change 22-02-2016

The EU’s ineffective climate diplomacy post-Paris

The Council’s conclusions on last year’s COP21 are a missed opportunity to remedy some of the weaknesses of the Paris Agreement on climate change, writes Lucas Bergkamp.
Climate change 12-12-2015

COP21 celebrations, but governments must mind the emissions gap

World governments today (12 December) agreed a historic international agreement to fight global warming at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris.
Climate change 04-12-2015

Cañete: Not enough being done to get a deal in Paris

The optimism showed by Miguel Arias Cañete before the UN climate conference kicked off on Monday (30 November) has been replaced with clear signs of fatigue and a more cautious tone.
One year before Paris 2015
Climate change 06-11-2015

Ministers gather for pre-COP talks in Paris

Five weeks before they hope to sign off on a pact to curb global warming, more than 60 environment and energy ministers gather in Paris from Sunday (8 November) to narrow political rifts.
Andrzej Duda
Climate change 28-10-2015

Polish president says won’t ratify Kyoto carbon-cutting pact

Poland's new conservative president on Tuesday (27 October) refused to endorse an amendment to the United Nation's Kyoto Protocol that would require the coal-dependent EU country to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Climate change 14-10-2015

Cities reluctant to publish climate risk reports

EXCLUSIVE/ Thousands of cities signing up to the new Covenant of Mayors tomorrow (15 October) will submit reports on their vulnerability to climate change to the European Commission every two years - but are under no obligation to make the information public.
Development Policy 14-10-2015

Bolivia: ‘For a lasting solution to the climate crisis we must destroy capitalism’

Bolivia's national contribution to the COP 21 describes capitalism as "a system of death" that has to be destroyed to protect humanity and Mother Earth. EURACTIV France reports
One year before Paris 2015
Climate change 12-10-2015

‘Sanctions’ and ‘punishment’ barred from COP21 vocabulary

Negotiators have several terms for the way they plan to enforce any deal reached at global climate talks in Paris this December. "Peer pressure" and "cooperation" are a couple. "Race to the top" is the American buzzword. What you won't hear mentioned is the word "sanctions". Or "punishment".

Europe must be strong on climate risk at COP21

If the EU is serious about an ambitious agreement at the UN talks in Paris, it must pritotise adaptation and resilience to climate risk in the negotiations, write Nick Mabey, Barbara Unmüßig and Ralf Fücks.
Energy 08-07-2015

EU-wide energy governance plans ‘lack teeth’

EXCLUSIVE / European Commission plans for an EU-wide energy governance system make no mention of punishment for any member state not reaching their climate and energy targets for 2030.

Dutch court orders state to slash greenhouse emissions

A Dutch court on Wednesday (24 June) ordered the state to slash greenhouse gas emissions nationwide by at least 25% by 2020, in a case that could serve as a blueprint for activists around the world.

COP 21 national contributions behind schedule, France warns

The countries involved in the COP 21 climate negotiations in Paris this year are running late with the submission of their national plans, which are due by the end of March. France has forced the subject onto the EU summit agenda this week to encourage its European partners to prod the late-comers into action. EURACTIV France reports