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Security 21-12-2016

EU states reach difficult compromise on firearms

EU countries finally accepted the Commission’s proposal to strengthen firearms regulations on Tuesday (20 December), after the executive agreed on a number of compromises. EURACTIV France reports.
Europol's new HQ
Security 02-12-2016

IS terrorists may use car bombs in Europe, warns Europol

Terror networks such as the Islamic State group are evolving their tactics to attack soft targets in Europe, which could see the use of deadly car bombs, Europol warned on Friday (2 December).
Global Europe 04-04-2016

EU slow to prioritise fight against radicalisation

The fight against radicalisation has so far received the smallest contribution from the EU security budget, despite pledges by European Union leaders to prioritise the issue following the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Belgium to extradite Paris suspect Abdeslam to France

A Belgian court decided on Thursday (31 March) that Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam could be extradited to France, Belgium's federal prosecutors said.
Elections 12-02-2016

Hollande reshuffles cabinet, names Ayrault as foreign minister

French President François Hollande reshuffled his cabinet yesterday (11 February), naming Jean-Marc Ayrault foreign minister and adding several ecologists to government as he seeks to widen his political base ahead of a presidential poll in 2017.

More time needed for new anti-terrorism financing measures

The European Commission will outline an action plan to combat terrorism financing on Tuesday (2 February). But legislative proposals will require more work to minimise possible side effects on the financial sector, EU officials told Euractiv.
Nils Muiznieks

French democracy under ‘threat’ from state of emergency

France's decision to install a state of emergency following the deadly November 13 attacks in Paris could constitute a "threat" to democracy, a European Council human rights observer said Tuesday (12 January).
Climate change 14-12-2015

Sketch: COP21 circus ends with love letters to Paris

“It’s like a European Council summit on drugs that goes on for weeks,” one flustered delegate at the UN Climate Change Conference told your reporter last week.
Climate change 11-12-2015

Naomi Klein: France took advantage of Paris terror attacks during COP21

Author and activist Naomi Klein has accused the French government of “taking advantage of people’s grief and fear” to ban climate change protests in Paris, after the terror attacks that killed 130 people in the capital.
Arms smuggling

EU’s new ‘Directive on Terrorism’ aims to criminalise preparatory acts

The European Commission adopted on Wednesday (2 December) a package of measures to combat terrorism and arms trafficking, including criminalising travel "for terrorist purposes".
Belgian police helicopter

Brussels lockdown ends, but threat still ‘serious’

Belgium lowered the security threat level in Brussels on Thursday (26 November), ending six days on maximum alert, but the prime minister warned that the risk of a Paris-style attack remained serious.
Armed police outside Wembley stadium
Sports 18-11-2015

English football fans salute France by roaring out the ‘Marseillaise’

English football fans saluted France on Tuesday (17 November) by roaring out the 'Marseillaise' national anthem at a friendly match watched by British politicians and royalty in a show of solidarity just days after Islamic State militants struck Paris.

Paris killings overshadow Danish EU referendum

The terror attacks in Paris on Friday (13 November) could play a role when Danes go the polls on 3 December, to vote on Denmark's opt-out on Justice and Home Affairs.

Greece will abstain from military action against ISIS

Greek participation in military operations against Islamic State has been ruled out, according to Deputy Minister of Defence Dimitris Vitsas. EURACTIV Greece reports.

Serbia steps up migrant checks after Paris attacks

Serbian authorities announced they would increase border checks on refugees following the terrorist attacks in Paris. Seven Serbian citizens were severely injured in the attacks. EURACTIV Serbia reports.

Brussels connection under spotlight after Paris killings

Prosecutors on Sunday disclosed a growing Belgian connection to the Paris attacks as Premier Charles Michel conceded that a Brussels neighbourhood is a "gigantic problem" given its past links to international terrorism.

Paris attacks give EU leaders excuse to get tough on refugees

Reports of a Syrian passport found near the body of one of the gunmen who died in Friday night's attacks may change attitudes towards migrants across Europe. The EURACTIV network reports.
Central Europe 14-11-2015

Poland won’t relocate migrants after Paris attacks

Poland cannot accept migrants under European Union (EU) quotas after the attacks in Paris, Poland's European affairs minister designate Konrad Szyma?ski said today (14 November), in a sign that Friday's assault may seriously undermine EU refugee policy.

Germany set to pass ‘one of the harshest’ anti-terror laws in Europe

The Merkel government approved a new law meant to mitigate radical Islamist attacks, by making it a criminal offence to travel abroad to receive military training. Civil rights advocates are furious. EURACTIV Germany reports.

EU aims to enlist online firms in fight against militants

The European Union needs to bring Internet companies fully on board in its fight against home-grown militant Islamists, the bloc's interior ministers said on Thursday (29 January).

France hikes anti-terror budget despite austerity commitment

Manuel Valls has announced a 735 million euro plan to bolster France's defences against terrorism over the next three years. The French government says this unplanned expenditure will not threaten their agreement with Brussels to reduce the national deficit. EURACTIV France reports
Digital & Media 22-01-2015

EU anti-terrorism chief: Communications should be accessible to security services

The European Union should consider forcing Internet firms to help security services tap into coded emails and calls as part of a new strategy to combat militant attacks, the EU counter-terrorism coordinator says.

National Front in confusion after Paris attacks

The National Front has struggled to take a united stance on this month's terrorist attacks in Paris, expressing contradictory views on the situation. MEP Aymeric Chauprade was removed from his position of advisor to Marine Le Pen after publicly calling for the "de-Islamisation of France". EURACTIV France reports

EU considers foreign ‘security agents’ to counter terrorism

European Union foreign ministers on Monday discussed setting up a new network of European security agents abroad, as they sought a united response to the threat from militant Islamists following the attacks in Paris on 7 January.