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Global Europe 06-03-2020

German family minister wants to expand gender quotas for top jobs

German Family Minister Franziska Giffey of the Social Democrats (SPD) wants to expand the quota of women in the workplace to apply to supervisory and management boards. While coalition partners have criticised her plans, she remains determined not to give up on the potential of qualified women. EURACTIV Germany reports.
EU Priorities 2020 29-07-2014

Juncker’s call for female commissioners falls on deaf ears

EU member states have until 31 July to present their nominations for commissioner in the next European Commission. Just days before the deadline, it seems that Juncker’s call for more female candidates has fallen on deaf ears. EURACTIV France gives an overview of the issue of gender balance and political parity between men and women in the executive.

Bonino: Forget quotas, punish gender discrimination

Women, frustrated by slow progress on gender equality, are pushing for quotas that will ensure better female representation in board rooms and politics. But quotas are not the solution, Italian Senator Emma Bonino told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview on International Women's Day.