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Elections 05-07-2019

Bulgaria slashes state subsidy, allows unlimited donations for political parties

Bulgaria's parliament removed all limits for individual and corporate donations for political parties Thursday (4 July), a move which many fear could worsen the country's already endemic corruption.
Elections 02-07-2019

Austrian Parliament doing everything to appease voters

The free play of forces in Austria’s parliament is now leading to a string of different alliances between Austrian parties, who are attempting to come up with the perfect programme to appease voters. An analysis by Herbert Vytiska for EURACTIV Germany.
Elections 28-06-2019

Slovakia’s new parties cry foul as lawmakers tighten financing rules

Slovakia's parliament on Thursday (27 June) rushed through draft legislation tightening campaign financing rules, a move seen by new parties as the ruling coalition's strike against rivals before next year's general elections.
EU Elections 2019 29-05-2019

Austrian Greens are showing signs of comeback

Across Europe, green parties have benefited from the fact that the climate crisis has become the focus of attention, including in Austria. The Austrian Green Party,  which has had no seats in the national parliament since 2017, is now gearing up for snap parliamentary elections in autumn. EURACTIV Germany reports.

German parliament votes to cut funding to extremist parties

Germany's parliament has changed the constitution so that extremist parties can no longer claim government funds. Critics call that undemocratic, but lawmakers say Germany's political system is entitled to defend itself.
Public Affairs 20-01-2006

Abramoff scandal reignites Brussels lobbying debate

Campaigners have seized on the Abramoff bribery scandal in Washington to urge US-style disclosure rules on Brussels lobbyists. But others say it only underlines deep differences between European and US party financing rules.
Elections 20-06-2003

European political parties to receive EU money

The Parliament approved at its 19 June plenary session a Regulation on the statute and financing of European political parties.

Banks adopt sustainability principles for financing development projects

On 4 June, ten leading international banks announced the adoption of the "Equator Principles", a voluntary set of guidelines for managing social and environmental issues related to the financing of development projects.
Future EU 15-04-2003

EU gears up for signature of historic Accession Treaty

The leaders of 15 EU Member States and 10 future members will meet in Athens on 16 April to sign the historic Accession Treaty that will reunite the former Cold War foes 14 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Enlargement 10-04-2003

European Parliament votes in favour of EU enlargement

The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in support of the Union's enlargement to 10 new Member States at the plenary session in Strasbourg on 9 April. The vote was made possible by a compromise between the Parliament and the Council on the financing of enlargement, reached on 8 April.
Enlargement 08-04-2003

Parliament and Council resolve enlargement budget row

The European Parliament and the Council have reached an agreement on resolving the dispute over the financing of enlargement. The agreement clears the way for the Parliament's approval of the EU Accession Treaty with 10 future Member States on 9 April.
Enlargement 07-04-2003

Parliament to vote on enlargement despite budget dispute

The European Parliament is expected to give its assent to the EU Accession Treaty with 10 future Member States despite the financing row that threatens to cripple the Union's budgetary procedure.
Enlargement 02-04-2003

No solution for dispute over financing of enlargement

The European Parliament and the Council were unable to reach an agreement over the budget for enlargement in Athens on 1 April. However, the Parliament is determined to give its assent to the Accession Treaty on 9 April despite the budgetary dispute.
Enlargement 28-03-2003

Disagreement over financing of enlargement could lead to “budget war”

At the plenary session of the European Parliament in Brussels on 27 March, MEPs voted almost unanimously against the Council's decision to include budgetary figures in the Accession Treaty. MEPs threatened with "war over next year's budget" if no agreement is reached over the financing of enlargement.
Enlargement 21-03-2003

Council offers compromise to EP to allow endorsement of enlargement

The President-in-office of the European Council, the Greek Prime Minister Costas Simitis, has offered a compromise solution to the dispute on the financing of enlargement. The compromise may end the disagreement that is holding the European Parliament from ratifying the Accession Treaty.
Enlargement 20-03-2003

EP Foreign Affairs Committee approves accession of 10 candidates

Enlargement received strong support in the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee in Brussels on 19 March 2003.
Enlargement 17-03-2003

EP insists on renegotiation of enlargement financing deal

The Conference of Presidents of political groups in the European Parliament has put additional pressure on the Council to renegotiate the financing deal on enlargement. At its meeting on 13 March, the Conference fired a warning shot to the Council by not adopting the agenda of the April plenary session where the Accession Treaty is to be ratified.
Enlargement 13-03-2003

Council urged to change plan for financing of enlargement

The European Parliament President Pat Cox has urged the Council to give the Parliament a say in the financing of EU enlargement.
Enlargement 13-12-2002

EU leaders are to endorse increased pre-accession aid to Bulgaria and Romania

The European Council is expected to endorse new road maps for negotiation, as well as increased financial assistance, to help Bulgaria and Romania prepare for EU accession in 2007.
Enlargement 09-12-2002

EU vs candidates: fight to the finish?

The Danish Presidency is confident that the European Council can complete the enlargement negotiations with the 10 candidate states prior to or during the Copenhagen summit on 12-13 December. However, intense bargaining is foreseen until the very last minute.
Enlargement 03-12-2002

EU candidates determined to clinch best possible deal

Ahead of the final formal negotiation session at foreign ministers' level on 9-10 December, candidate countries are joining efforts to reach a better deal, particularly in the area of direct farm support.
Enlargement 28-11-2002

EU candidates welcome Danish negotiation package

The individual compromise negotiation packages proposed by the Danish Presidency for the 10 candidate countries due to accede in 2004 include improved agricultural and budgetary offers.
Enlargement 27-11-2002

Danish EU Presidency presents final enlargement negotiation package

The Danish Presidency has presented a negotiation package aimed at concluding entry negotiations with the 10 accession candidates before the Copenhagen EU Council on 12-13 December.
Enlargement 26-11-2002

New report calls for an improved minority protection framework in view of enlargement

A new Open Society Institute report points to the dangers of the absence of a comprehensive framework for minority protection in the EU in the context of enlargement. The two-volume report, published on 25 November, finds that while special policies have been adopted in the candidate countries to address these issues, their implementation has been poor due to lack of broad political and public support.