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Politics 25-02-2019

Athens conference puts Greek socialists to the test

A conference organised in Athens by the European Parliament's Socialists and Democrats (S&D) group on 4 March has driven a wedge between left-wing political parties in Greece.
Enlargement 14-01-2019

‘North Macedonia’ deal shakes Greek government, Tsipras calls vote of confidence

Skopje's ratification of the so-called name-change deal has triggered a government crisis in Greece, when the leader of the conservative junior coalition partner, Independent Greeks, stepped down on Sunday (13 January).
EU Elections 2019 14-11-2018

Right ideas matter, not parties, S&D chief tells Greek socialists angry at Tsipras ‘flirt’

For the future of Greece and the EU, it’s the right ideas that matter rather than party labels, S&D chief Udo Bullmann told EURACTIV.com, dismissing complaints from Greek socialists about the collaboration between EU socialists and leftist Greek premier Alexis Tsipras.
Future EU 08-05-2018

S&D chief tells Greek progressives to rally against New Democracy ‘chaos’

S&D President Udo Bullmann called on progressive political forces in Greece to join forces as the “only way to the country’s future” and not turn to a conservative New Democracy government, which has a big responsibility for the crisis.
Future EU 27-06-2017

PES president: Unlike EPP, socialists do not impose decisions on member parties

In the European socialist political family, important decisions are not made by the president or the most influential national leaders, as is the case with the centre-right European People’s Party, President of the Party of European Socialists (PES) Sergei Stanishev told EURACTIV.com.
Elections 04-05-2016

S&D: Pasok is ‘completely isolated’ in our group

EXCLUSIVE / Greece’s Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement (Pasok) is “completely isolated” from the Socialists and Democrats (S&D), and its attitude about the government’s negotiations with its creditors is “embarrassing”, sources told EURACTIV.com.
Euro & Finance 05-01-2016

Greece’s proposed pension reforms get no backing from opposition

Greece's leftist-led government offered a reform plan for the country's pension system that would cut future benefits, with no backing from the political opposition, before talks with official lenders resume later this month.
Elections 04-09-2015

Syriza warming up to PASOK

Syriza chief Alexis Tsipas left the door open on Thursday (3 September) for cooperation with the PASOK, in the event that the party purges members who belong to the ‘old establishment’. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Elections 21-08-2015

Tsipras resigns, calls for September election

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigned yesterday (20 August), hoping to strengthen his hold on power in snap elections after seven months in office in which he fought Greece's creditors for a better bailout deal but had to cave in.
Euro & Finance 17-08-2015

PASOK refuses to back Tsipras in confidence vote

Greece's socialist PASOK party joined the main opposition on Sunday (16 August) in saying it would not back Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras if he calls a confidence vote following a rebellion in the governing party over a new bailout deal.
Euro & Finance 14-07-2015

Tsipras faces Syriza revolt

Greece's leftwing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras faces a showdown with rebels in his own party on Tuesday (14 July), furious at his capitulation to German demands for one of the most sweeping austerity packages ever demanded of a eurozone government.
Euro & Finance 09-07-2015

Centrist Potami party supports Tsipras

Greece's opposition parties are divided about ongoing negotiations between Athens and its creditors. Potami supports the Syriza-led government’s efforts, while New Democracy and Pasok are taking a hard line. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Euro & Finance 27-06-2015

Tsipras: ‘Greece is part of Europe’

The 5 July referendum called by the Greek government will be on the agreement proposed by international creditors, not on a Grexit, said Alexis Tsipras, late Friday night (26 June). EURACTIV Greece reports.
Elections 27-04-2015

Greek minister suggests early election as solution to impasse

The interior minister of cash-strapped Greece has raised the possibility of fresh elections to give Greeks the last word on the government's economic policy.
Euro & Finance 02-03-2015

Athens supports the Commission’s ‘soft hand’ on French deficit

For their own political reasons the Greek government seem to agree with the much-discussed new extension given by the European Commission to France to reduce its deficit below the established European limit of 3%. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Elections 09-12-2014

Greece prepares for snap elections

In a sudden move and under pressure from international lenders, Greek PM Antonis Samaras decided yesterday to hold elections on 17 December, with a new wave of political instability expected to hit the country. EURACTIV Greece reports.

Germany’s Schäuble says ministers to discuss Greek credit line

Eurozone finance ministers will discuss in early December conditions for providing Greece with credit when its current aid programme expires, German Finance Minster Wolfgang Schäuble said on Sunday.
Elections 10-10-2014

Samaras calls confidence vote ahead of bailout exit talks

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras seeks a confidence vote today (10 October) to rally support for his plan to abandon a widely-reviled EU/IMF aid package and end mounting speculation that his government is on its last legs.
Stavros Theodorakis
Elections 14-04-2014

New party shakes Greek political scene

A newly established pro-European party intends to change the political balance in Greece ahead of EU elections in May. The new party, Potami (The River), has not decided yet to which European political family it will be affiliated, triggering tensions on the center-left. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Health 06-03-2014

Greek Health Ministry defends new hospital fee

The Greek health minister, Adonis Georgiadis, has defended the introduction of a new €5 hospital fee following criticism from other parties in parliament.
Elections 12-04-2013

European Socialist leader urges Greek left parties to cooperate

Greece's Socialist party needs to cooperate with the members of the leftist Syriza coaltion for the creation of a future alliance, said Hannes Swoboda, leader of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Elections 18-06-2012

New Democracy wins Greek election, but crisis not over

New Democracy, the centre-right political force in Greece supporting the international bailout, begins forging a government after its election victory yesterday (17 June) over Syriza, a leftist force seen by many Greeks as the defender of national dignity. Greece is under international pressure to form a government as soon as possible.
Greek soldiers Athens, undated.[Shutterstock]
Elections 09-05-2012

Greek left to hold coalition talks, calls to end austerity plans

'Radical' leftist Greek leader Alexis Tsipras is meeting the leaders of Greece's mainstream parties today to try to form a coalition government, an effort seen as doomed after he demanded they first agree to tear up the country's austerity programme underpinning the bailout deal with the EU and the IMF.
Elections 11-04-2012

First Greek politician arrested over corruption

A former Greek minister was arrested today (11 March) on money laundering charges, in the most high-profile case against a politician over scandals spanning decades in the debt-laden country.