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  • Greece: uncertainty grows as biggest party can’t create coalition

     Video | Promoted content | Elections 08-05-2012

    As if it were the plot of a Greek tragedy, the Greek people went to the polls on Sunday to punish those leaders who run the country in "austerity" mode.

    Both socialist PASOK and centre-right New democracy failed to get enough votes, although New Democracy emerged as the biggest party.

    But the center-right leader Antonis Samaras couldn't put together a coalition on Monday.

  • The Ancien Régime unravels in Greece

    Opinion | Elections 07-05-2012

    The achievement of only a third of the vote by Greece's traditional conservative and socialist ruling parties marks the end of the old political order, an electoral revolution which could spread to other European countries if the crisis continues, argues Yiannis Roubatis.

  • First Greek politician arrested over corruption

    News | Elections 11-04-2012

    A former Greek minister was arrested today (11 March) on money laundering charges, in the most high-profile case against a politician over scandals spanning decades in the debt-laden country.

  • Struggling Greek leader plans 6 May election

    News | Elections 11-04-2012

    Greece will hold a snap election on 6 May, government officials said, launching a campaign that may produce no clear results and risk implementation of the bailout plan that saved Athens from bankruptcy.

  • Finance Minister Venizelos to lead Socialists in Greek election

    News | Elections 13-03-2012

    Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos, who has gained international popularity as troubleshooter in the Greece's debt crisis, is set to lead the Socialist PASOK party in the general elections to be held after Easter. 

  • Greece faces ultimatum on new bailout

    News | Euro & Finance 06-02-2012

    Greece's coalition parties must tell Brussels today (6 February) whether they accept the painful terms of a new bailout deal, as EU patience wears thin with political dithering in Athens over implementing reforms.