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Transport 18-03-2020

EU moves to shore up passenger rights as virus plays havoc

The European Commission clarified on Wednesday (18 March) how the bloc’s passenger rights codex should work, in an attempt to alleviate the concerns of thousands of travellers and companies affected by the coronavirus outbreak.
Aviation 13-05-2019

Eight EU airports among world’s ten worst

Eight of the world’s ten worst airports are located in the EU, according to a new survey released by a leading passenger rights group last week. Only three of the top ten airports are in EU countries.
Aviation 17-04-2018

Airlines must compensate for wildcat strike delays, says EU court

Airlines have to pay compensation to passengers for delays caused by wildcat strikes that result from management decisions, the European Union's top court said on Tuesday (17 April).
Transport 24-10-2017

EU auditors to examine passenger rights

The European Court of Auditors said on Tuesday (24 October) it would look into how passenger rights are implemented in the EU to examine whether EU regulation has provided effective protection of those rights, in light of discovered grey areas and legal gaps.
Aviation 19-09-2017

Commission insists Ryanair should respect EU reimbursement rules

Ryanair said yesterday (18 September) a mass cancellation of flights was set to cost the Irish no-frills airline €25 million, as it bowed to customer anger by publishing a full list of journeys axed.
Transport 04-07-2016

Airlines boss: ‘Passenger rights should be printed on the back of the ticket’

Negotiations over the gridlocked EU air passenger rights regulation need to be put back on track despite the UK-Spanish standoff over Gibraltar – otherwise both airlines and passengers will suffer, warns Laurent Donceel in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
Transport 15-06-2016

Passenger rights: Equal treatment for all?

All European passengers —whether travelling by air, rail bus or boat— are entitled to compensation when their trips are cancelled or delayed. EU policymakers are now considering further measures to ensure equal treatment for travellers and fairer competition between transport...
Transport 15-06-2016

Passenger rights: Playing by the rules harms railways

Passenger rights in Europe need to improve in order for railways to compete in inter-modal transport and deliver on the EU’s decarbonisation strategy, writes Oliver Wolff.
Transport 10-12-2015

EU lawmakers back air passenger data deal

EU lawmakers on Thursday (10 December) backed plans to track airline passenger names as part of efforts to prevent a repeat of the Paris attacks, some of whose perpetrators travelled freely across Europe before the carnage.
The passenger name record (PNR) law would collect data from flight passengers entering and leaving the EU

Passenger name record law passes first hurdle in Parliament

The European Parliament's Civil Liberties and Justice Committee approved the first EU passenger name record (PNR) bill today (15 July), two years after that same committee rejected an earlier draft of the data sharing law for flight passenger information.
Transport 30-04-2015

Brussels considers withdrawing draft EU law on air travellers’ rights

The European Commission is considering "all possible options" regarding a stalled proposal to bolster the rights of stranded air passengers, which could ultimately lead to the withdrawal of the package, officials say.
German Internal Affairs Minister Thomas de Maizière. May 2014 [NEXT Berlin/Flickr]

Berlin calls for EU-wide retention of PNR flight data

The German government is calling for EU-wide retention of flight passenger data to combat the risk of terror caused by returning Jihadists, sparking opposition in the European Parliament against what critics call a “pointless hasty decision”. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Transport 10-02-2014

MEP: ‘A three-hour delay equals flight cancellation’

The toughest challenge in the upcoming negotiations with EU member states regarding air passengers’ rights legislation is the definition of “extraordinary circumstances” for flight cancellations, according to Georges Bach, the rapporteur on the dossier for the European Parliament. Bach spoke to EURACTIV Greece in an interview.
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Transport 06-02-2014

EU Parliament approves more rights for air passengers

The European Parliament approved on Wednesday stricter rules to protect the rights of air passengers. MEPs want to make it easier for travelers to claim economic compensation from their airlines in the event of a delayed or cancelled flight.
Transport 06-02-2014

Parliament beefs up rights of stranded air travellers

The European Parliament has called for stricter rules to make it easier for stranded air passengers to claim compensation from their airlines.
Transport 18-12-2013

EU set for air passenger rights tug of war

With 37 votes in favour, three against and some 600 amendments tabled, the European Parliament transport committee finally put forward a compromise text yesterday (17 December) aimed at strengthening an EU regulation on air passenger rights, a sensitive political issue ahead of next year's European elections.
Transport 18-09-2013

Parliament floats more compensation for delayed air passengers

Air passengers should be entitled to financial compensation after three hours of delay on intra-European flights, the transport committee of the European Parliament said in a debate yesterday (17 September).
Digital 24-04-2013

MEPs reject EU passenger data storage scheme

The European Parliament's civil liberties committee voted today (24 April) to reject a proposed EU system of storing the private data of airline passengers along the lines of an equivalent US scheme.
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Transport 14-03-2013

Commission moves to limit claims under aviation bill of rights

Stranded airline passengers should not be able to claim for more than three nights of accommodation under European Commission proposals that would protect airlines from potentially huge compensation bills.
Transport 14-03-2013

Commission moves to limit claims under aviation bill of rights

Stranded airline passengers should not be able to claim for more than three nights of accommodation under European Commission proposals that would protect airlines from potentially huge compensation bills.
Transport 12-11-2012

The fourth railway package: A sense of unfinished business

As the European Commission finalises proposals for a fourth overhaul of the railway sector since 2001, the resistance of major stakeholders against the draft reform suggest it may not be the last, argues Dan Wolff.
Health 23-10-2012

Court backs passengers in airline compensation case

The European Court of Justice has rejected attempts by airlines - including Lufthansa and British Airways - to avoid paying compensation for delayed flights, making it harder for carriers to side-step payments in future.
Transport 24-09-2012

Europe’s rails: A bumpy ride to a single market

Two decades into the European single market, getting people or goods from one part of the European Union to another on trains remains a challenge – despite rail's potential in reducing traffic pollution and congestion. The European Commission is considering new ways to reach the end station of a common railway market.
Transport 04-09-2012

Pilots say cost-cutting may put passengers at risk

Airlines' efforts to lighten their aircraft by taking on less fuel could be putting passengers at risk, European pilots and labour organisations say following several incidents where flight crews made emergency landings because of low fuel reserves.

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