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  • Bus, coach passengers win more rights after EU deal

    News | Health 02-12-2010

    Bus and coach passengers in Europe will enjoy more rights including compensation for delays or damaged luggage after representatives of the European Parliament and EU member states hammered out an agreement on Tuesday night (30 November). 

  • EU to revive debate over air passenger data

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 10-11-2010

    The EU is working towards a pan-European agreement for member states to share information on air travel passengers, revealed Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström.

  • MEPs call for ‘better’ EU-US security after Dutch arrests

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 01-09-2010

    Flaws in the US anti-terror system exposed by the recent arrest in Amsterdam of two suspected terrorists flying from Chicago pushed MEPs from the two main parties in the European Parliament to ask for "better" rather than "more" security checks ahead of a crucial new round of negotiations between the EU and the US over Passenger Name Records (PNRs).

  • EU passenger rights extended to boats, not buses

    News | Transport 07-07-2010

    After air and rail, European citizens travelling by boat will be entitled to reimbursement and other compensation as of 2012 in case of cancellation or delays of more than 90 minutes, following a vote in the European Parliament yesterday (6 July).

  • Commission wants passengers to know their rights

    News | Health 30-06-2010

    Ahead of the summer holiday season, the European Commission has launched an EU-wide information campaign to make sure travellers know their rights when taking trains or planes.

  • Ombudsman urges air passenger language provision

    News | Languages & Culture 24-07-2009

    EU Ombudsman P. Nikiforos Diamandouros yesterday (23 July) called on the European Commission to do more to help national supervisory bodies to reduce language barriers for European air passengers experiencing problems.

  • Aviation security

    Policy Brief | Transport 05-09-2008

    Tighter security measures in airports and planes were adopted to fend off terrorist threats, but airlines warn they could also result in higher costs for passengers at a time when soaring fuel bills are already driving up prices.

  • Passenger screening plan a ‘nightmare’, say airlines

    News | Transport 09-11-2007

    European airlines have lashed out at an EU counter-terrorism proposal which would force them to share private passenger data, such as passport numbers and credit card details, with European security agencies.

  • EU seeks access to private passenger data to combat terrorism

    News | Transport 07-11-2007

    The Commission wants all airlines flying to and from the EU to share private data on their passengers, such as passport numbers and credit card details, with Europe's secret services. While it claims this will help in the fight against terrorism, others fear it will endanger our fundamental right to privacy.

  • EU plans anti-terror screening for air passengers

    News | Transport 05-11-2007

    In a bid to step up the fight against terrorism, the Commission will, on Tuesday, propose a new plan under which all airlines flying to the EU would be obliged to share private data on their passengers, such as passport numbers and credit card details, with Europe's secret services.

  • EU gives green light to third railway package

    News | Transport 24-10-2007

    EU member states' approval of conciliation agreements on the third railway package on 23 October formally ended a legislative tug-of war on the issue between Council and Parliament which started in 2004.

  • EU Parliament votes new rights for rail passengers

    News | Transport 26-09-2007

    Arduous negotiations on opening up European rail transport to competition and establishing minimum passenger rights neared an end as MEPs confirmed a compromise deal struck in June with the Council, which would allow passengers to be compensated financially for international train delays.