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Europe's East 31-05-2012

The political death of Ukrainian parliamentarism

The Ukranian parliament has boosted the practice of anti-national and anti-constitutional actions in the country. The ruling coalition has voluntarily passed over a part of its powers to the President and its administration and shown readiness to establish rigid control over the life of its citizens, argues Viktor Tkachuk.
Security 26-10-2005

Digital passports needed for US

All EU passports issued on or after 26 October 2005 will have to contain a digital photo or they will not be valid for entry to the United States.
Security 17-06-2005

Biometric technology under fire

Studies from across Europe are casting doubt on the efficacy, validity and cost implications of biometric passport and identity card policies.
Security 20-05-2005

No advance on US biometric passport deadline

EU and US officials have held talks on border and transport security but could report no progress on the issue of mandatory biometric passports.
Security 26-04-2005

EU and US may be heading for a row on biometric passports

A satellite debate on anti-terrorism between senior EU and US officials has highlighted underlying differences on biometric passports. 
Security 04-04-2005

US snubs Frattini over biometric passports

Washington looks likely to refuse to extend the deadline for the issuing of biometric passports in the EU to beyond the October 2005 deadline.
Security 12-01-2005

Biometrics and secure travel documents

The EU is seeking to improve the security of travel documents in the fight against terrorism and illegal immigration. From 2005, EU countries will begin to introduce biometric data into newly-issued passports. Similar proposals for visas and residence permits are being hampered by technical difficulties.
Security 29-10-2004

EU passports set to include biometric fingerprints

Justice and interior ministers have agreed to issue passports with biometric data such as fingerprints and digital photographs in the coming three years.
Security 07-10-2004

EU travellers to US to be fingerprinted

EU citizens travelling to the US will be fingerprinted and photographed from 30 September 2004. In addition, EU travellers to the US will have to be in possession of machine-readable passport if they want to enter the US without a visa from 26 October onwards.