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Health 30-11-2018

The European Commission should shelve its patent law proposal

The European Commission is considering an initiative that would permanently hobble the continent's economy, writes Jan Fischer.
Health 13-10-2017

New Commission study fuels generic drugs industry ‘manufacturing dispute’

The European Commission launched on Thursday (12 October) a public consultation on supplementary protection certificates for pharmaceutical products and the so-called Bolar patent research exemption.
Digital & Media 18-09-2017

Silicon Valley giants want to smash standards and grab internet of things

An internet of things based on shared open standards is under threat from Silicon Valley. And EU policymakers could stop them, writes Francisco Mingorance.

Single European patent officially signed

After 40 years, one of the longest negotiations in the trading bloc’s history, the European Union yesterday (19 February) formally signed on a new unitary patent for 24 participating member states.
Languages & Culture 25-03-2011

EU patent office, Google seal pact on translation

The European Patent Office (EPO) and American Internet giant Google signed yesterday (24 March) an agreement to collaborate on machine translation of patents into 32 European, Slavic and Asian languages.
Trade & Society 14-03-2011

Indian pharma firms, NGOs oppose EU free trade deal

Indian pharmaceutical industry representatives and NGOs have voiced opposition to an imminent EU-India free trade agreement (FTA) which they claim would limit the emerging nation's ability to produce generic drugs.

A summit with little innovation

Protests in Egypt, another Franco-German power play, bold energy plans, and then, finally, innovation. As political leaders gave their parting remarks after their summit on 4 February, barely a word was said about innovation.

Italy and Spain block EU-wide patent talks

Italy and Spain dug in their heels on Wednesday (10 November), tripping up negotiations to create a single patent to protect the design of products sold in the European Union.
Digital & Media 11-10-2010

EU to push patent-free eGovernment

The European Union is on the cusp of writing public procurement rules which favour patent- and royalty-free technologies, according to software giants who argue that the rules echo Chinese public procurement laws.