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Coronavirus 24-05-2022

Scholz on tricky South Africa mission to discuss vaccine production

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, currently on a trip to South Africa on Tuesday (24 May) will likely have a hard time discussing cooperation on vaccine production as South African leaders have been making strong calls for the release of vaccine patents. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Industrial Strategy 01-07-2021

Germany splurges on high-tech investment in bid to lead world

Germany has high ambitions to position itself at the forefront of the next technological revolution with a new strategy, though critics say Europe's biggest economy has some catching up to do. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Economy & Jobs 01-06-2021

Even after US shift, opponents resist COVID-19 vaccine patent waiver

A deal on an intellectual property waiver for COVID-19 vaccines at the World Trade Organization (WTO) was no closer to acceptance on Monday (31 May) despite Washington's backing.
Health 18-05-2021

G20 snubs COVID patent waiver, waters down pledge on WHO’s funding

Leaders of the world’s largest economies back “voluntary licensing” of COVID-19 vaccine patents, the draft conclusions of a summit show, watering down a US push for waivers and earlier commitments to supply more funds to the World Health Organization.
Economy & Jobs 11-03-2021

Rich countries block push by developing nations to waive COVID vaccine patents rights

Richer members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) blocked a push by over 80 developing countries on Wednesday (10 March) to waive patent rights in an effort to boost production of COVID-19 vaccines for poor nations.
Technology 26-05-2020

Breton renews calls for a single European patent system

The EU should speed up plans to create a single European patents system because the current setup is "too expensive and fragmented," Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton has said.
Economy & Jobs 12-03-2019

European, German companies pull ahead in new patent office report

The new European Patent Offices's 2018 report, released Tuesday (12 March) shows a European pull ahead of Chinese firm Huawei that dominated last year and an increase in European patent applications by 4.6%.
Agrifood 23-07-2018

Plant breeding techniques: Commission wants broader reflection on innovation in seeds sector

The European Court of Justice will decide on Wednesday (25 July) if the so-called new plant breeding techniques (NPBTs) fall under the GM legislation, in a highly anticipated ruling that has divided the relevant stakeholders
Economy & Jobs 07-03-2018

Chinese firm Huawei leads European patent applications

For the first time in the history of the European Patent Office, a Chinese company came on top in terms of patent applications in 2017, a year that saw a new record in the number of requests for intellectual property protection in Europe.
Economy & Jobs 07-03-2017

Unitary patent expected this year, despite Brexit 

The European Patent Office on Tuesday (7 March) said that the long-awaited EU patent will be launched this year and that it was confident that the UK would continue its involvement.
Technology 30-04-2014

Antitrust action against Motorola, Samsung over Apple injunctions

The European Commission Tuesday (29 April) used antitrust rules to prevent telecoms companies using court orders for patent infringements on industry standard technology to restrict competition.
Technology 01-10-2013

Study: 35% of EU jobs depend on intellectual property rights

More than a third (35%) of European jobs rely on intellectual property rights (IPR) such as patents, trademarks and design rights according to a new pan-European study, which the EU executive will use to boost policymaking.
Competition 04-04-2012

EU probes Motorola for overcharging on patents

The Commission today (3 April) opened an investigation into whether phonemaker Motorola Mobility breached antitrust rules by allegedly over-charging Microsoft and Apple for use of its patents in their products.
Health 04-05-2011

EU funding for stem cell research stirs debate

Stem cell research deemed "immoral" in the EU will nevertheless be funded by Brussels, possibly patented overseas and re-imported for sale, policymakers and experts said following the issuing of an opinion by an advocate-general of the European Court of Justice.
Languages & Culture 09-11-2010

Special meeting may break deadlock over EU patents

The Belgian Presidency has proposed a new compromise text – seen by EURACTIV - to break a long-standing deadlock over EU patents which could lead to an historic deal at an extraordinary Competitiveness Council next Wednesday (10 November).
Languages & Culture 29-09-2010

Belgian Presidency to test compromise on EU patent

The Belgian EU Presidency will put a non-paper on the table at today's informal Competitiveness Council aimed at breaking the deadlock over proposals for a single EU-wide patent system, which has been blocked for over a decade over language issues.
Regional Policy 15-09-2010

Structural funds ‘key to innovation plan’

The overwhelming majority of innovation experts want EU structural funds to be used to get innovative products and services to the market, according to a new survey. As the European Commission readies its new innovation plan, a consensus is also forming around the need to slash bureaucratic procedures and boost venture capital funding.

European patent applications fall

The number of European patent applications filed last year fell for the first time in 20 years, according to new figures released by the European Patent Office (EPO).
Health 03-12-2009

Pharma industry prepares for end of ‘blockbuster medicines’

The days of the $1 billion blockbuster drug are over, according to a senior industry researcher. Big pharma is now investing in finding multiple uses for medicines developed to treat rare diseases, but is pushing the EU for regulatory changes to make research worthwhile.

Ministers give green light to Small Business Act

EU industry ministers yesterday (1 December) approved the Small Business Act (SBA), accompanied by an action plan to alleviate the immediate effects of the current economic crisis.
Brexit 18-07-2008

SMEs hail new EU strategy on industrial property rights

Despite the absence of concrete legislative initiatives on issues such as the Community patent, businesses have praised the Commission's new strategy to better protect patents and trademarks – an area particularly crucial for smaller companies.
Brexit 30-05-2008

EU hopes for Community patent under French Presidency

Talks on setting up a European patent system made good progress at the meeting of EU industry ministers yesterday (29 May), but sensitive translation arrangements remain the main obstacle, the Slovenian EU Presidency said after the meeting.
Brexit 23-11-2007

Ministers push for a competitive and sustainable industrial policy

The EU must continue its drive to improve conditions for enterprises and promote sustainable production, ministers in charge of competitiveness said after their Council meeting in Brussels on 22 November.
Trade & Society 25-10-2007

EU Parliament clears access to cheap medicines for poor nations

After tough negotiations with the Commission and member states, the European Parliament has finally endorsed an international agreement on improving access to medicines for developing countries. To come into force, the protocol must be ratified by at least two thirds of WTO members.