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  • EU hopes for Community patent under French Presidency

    News | Brexit 30-05-2008

    Talks on setting up a European patent system made good progress at the meeting of EU industry ministers yesterday (29 May), but sensitive translation arrangements remain the main obstacle, the Slovenian EU Presidency said after the meeting.

  • Ministers push for a competitive and sustainable industrial policy

    News | Brexit 23-11-2007

    The EU must continue its drive to improve conditions for enterprises and promote sustainable production, ministers in charge of competitiveness said after their Council meeting in Brussels on 22 November.

  • EU Parliament clears access to cheap medicines for poor nations

    News | Trade & Society 25-10-2007

    After tough negotiations with the Commission and member states, the European Parliament has finally endorsed an international agreement on improving access to medicines for developing countries. To come into force, the protocol must be ratified by at least two thirds of WTO members.

  • Interview: Community patent ‘too little too late’

    News | Innovation & Industry 18-09-2007

    To unlock Europe's innovation potential, the EU should adhere to the European Patent Convention rather than pursue the creation of a community patent on which unanimous consent is impossible, argues ProTon Europe, an organisation specialised in knowledge transfer, in an interview with EURACTIV.

  • EU patent process ‘too cumbersome’

    Interview | Innovation & Industry 18-09-2007

    Europe needs to get professional people to work on knowledge transfer at universities, ease the patent system and get member states and university senior managers to understand that supporting knowledge transfer is part of their role, argues Gillian McFadzean of ProTon Europe.

  • Germans ‘file most patents in Europe’

    News | Innovation & Industry 17-10-2006

    According to a new report, Germans file the most patents in Europe and the country is also the EU leader in the output of patent applications relative to research and development spending.

  • EU ruling makes extension of pharma patents harder

    News | Health 05-05-2006

    Pharma companies will have a tougher time extending the patents for some of their products following a judgment by the European Court of Justice.

  • China’s patent applications up by 212% since 2000

    News | Innovation & Industry 06-02-2006

    According to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) the growth rate for patent applications from Japan, Republic of Korea and China remains exceptional.

  • Computer patents [Archived]

    Policy Brief | Digital 25-07-2005

    After the rejection, on 6 July 2005, by the Parliament of the draft directive on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions, often referred to as the 'software patents directive', industry and associations are discussing the consequences for Europe's patent regime and intellectual property rights (IPR) protection for computer programmes. 

  • Commission report: gene sequences are patentable

    News | Science & Policymaking 19-07-2005

    A Commission report concludes that there are no objective grounds for restrictions on traditional patent protection for inventions relating to sequences of human genes. However, other issues relating to ethics, to research and to economics have been raised. 

  • Computer patents

    News | Digital 07-07-2005

    After the rejection by the Parliament of the proposed directive on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions, often dubbed as the "software patents directive", industry and associations are discussing consequences for Europe's patent regime and intellectual property rights (IPR) protection for computer programs. 

  • EU warned over patents for children’s medicines

    News | Health 20-04-2005

    The EU's draft regulation on paediatrics has come under attack from the generics industry. It claims patent extensions for children's medicines should only be granted to low-selling products which are unlikely to generate quick profits.

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