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Health 11-07-2017

Dutch health minister: EMA relocation is not entertainment, listen to the Commission

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is not a toy to be played with by politicians, Edith Schippers told EURACTIV.com. The decision on the agency's relocation should be based on the European Commission's assessment, she argues in an interview.
Health 18-12-2013

Patients group: ‘Access to healthcare is a basic EU citizens’ right’

The European Parliament elections and the nomination of a new Commission next year offer a fresh opportunity for patients to encourage policymakers to commit to a healthier Europe, says Anders Olauson.
Health 11-10-2013

Professor: Early intervention can prevent many diseases causing blindness

SPECIAL REPORT / Diseases that can cause blindness, such as diabetes-related complications, can be prevented with better healthcare. The EU should therefore ensure that statistics on blindness in Europe are more uniform so that best practices can be exchanged between member states, says Michael Larsen.