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Health 13-02-2017

Health matters should supersede European bureaucracy

European red tape should not be an obstacle to effective healthcare. For patients with diseases like sarcoma, waiting means suffering and often avoidable death, writes Marlene Mizzi.
Health 18-10-2013

MEPs can make an informed decision on medical devices in Europe

On 22 October, the Parliament will vote to decide the course of the EU's Medical Devices Regulation, but several of the amendments proposed by the ENVI Committee could endanger patients, in particular one that allows for the re-use of all medical devices, says Serge Bernasconi.
Health 16-10-2013

Strong data protection rules for high-quality healthcare

Health and medical data need specific attention when legislation on data protection is at stake. Patients’ data contain highly sensitive information and require particularly strict protection and security mechanisms against any unauthorised access, mismanagement, or identity theft, says Katrín Fjeldsted.
Health 23-09-2013

A few points that MEPs must consider ahead of medical devices vote

The European Parliament will vote soon on medical devices regulation, but a new set of amendments, which most MEPs have not had the time to assess, are being rushed through, says Serge Bernasconi.
Health 12-09-2013

Medical devices rules: Patients’ safety must be reinforced

The inadequacy of the EU's legislation on medical devices was highlighted by several recent serious safety problems. In order to regain citizens’ trust, the European Union must reinforce its legislative framework, write several associations.
Health 04-04-2013

Clinical trials directive: The Parliament’s political dilemna

The most contentious political questions in the Clinical Trials Directive relate to disclosure – whether, how and when the results of clinical trials should be made public and whether pharmaceutical companies can claim ownership over the data generated by them. But if anyone owns the results of clinical trials it is the volunteers who participated, writes Jim Murray.

A breakthrough in combating rare genetic disorders

Europe can lead the way in developing gene therapies to tackle the growing and persistent problem of previously incurable diseases, with huge potential benefits for both patients and industry. Europe needs to promote cross-border research and facilitate access to these new therapies, argues Aurelio Maggio.
Health 19-05-2010

Information to patients: as if the Internet were still a walled garden

European cancer patients continue to suffer from a lack of access to quality information and are often lured by untrustworthy sources such as counterfeit online pharmacies. The EU must urgently establish a coherent and comprehensive strategy to allow patients to make informed choices, writes Jan Geissler, director of the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC), in an April blog post.
Health 16-04-2010

Tele-medicine improves patient care

Numerous pilot projects have confirmed that tele-medicine brings benefits for healthcare providers, insurers and patients – particularly reduced costs – and although risks and obstacles remain, the environment for tele-medicine is set to improve in the coming years, writes Dr. Uwe Perlitz from Deutsche Bank Research in a March paper.
Health 07-04-2010

ICT should be at the heart of healthcare modernisation

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a vital component for the delivery of modern health care and ICT tools can play a key role in making patient care more efficient and streamlined, according to a March report by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).