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Global Europe 09-07-2015

European Parliament backs TTIP, rejects ISDS

Parliament adopted a resolution supporting the transatlantic trade deal on Wednesday (8 July), but rejected a key US demand for an extra-judicial arbitration mechanism. EURACTIV France reports
EU Priorities 2020 11-06-2014

Former journalists take on new MEP roles

The May EU elections catapulted a number of journalists-turned-politicians into the European Parliament. As the gap between the EU institution and the citizen remains huge, will they do a better job at "communicating Europe"?. The EURACTIV Network reports.
EU Elections 2014 08-05-2014

Profile: Patrick Le Hyaric, newspaper chief and MEP

Patrick Le Hyaric, candidate for the Left Front, combines his parliamentary work with running a newspaper. The first in a series of portraits of French election candidates, by EURACTIV France.