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Justice 06-05-2015

BND spying affair divides German coalition

Est. 6min

Angela Merkel defended cooperation between Germany’s intelligence service, the BND, and its US counterpart, the NSA, amid fresh accusations of illegal spying operations. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Justice 05-05-2015

BND scandal: Bundestag committee issues ultimatum

Est. 3min

The Bundestag's NSA investigation committee has demanded lists of search terms Germany's intelligence service, the BND, allegedly spied on for Washington.

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Technology 22-09-2014

National parliaments raise the pressure on data protection

Est. 5min

Parliamentary delegations from 16 different EU member states have called upon the EU to rapidly adopt the legislative package on the protection of personal data.

Euro & Finance 21-12-2011

German MP: Bundestag will participate in EU fiscal union pact

Est. 7min

As negotiations over the EU's new 'fiscal compact' begin in Brussels, the Bundestag promises to make its voice heard. EURACTIV Germany spoke with Patrick Sensburg, a Christian Democratic MP who chairs the Subcommittee on European Law.