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Euro & Finance 20-03-2014

EU negotiators reach deal to complete banking union

European policymakers on Thursday (20 March) agreed to complete a banking union, creating an agency to shut failing eurozone banks. However, there will be no joint government back-up to help cover the costs of closures.
Euro & Finance 08-11-2010

Not only governments are to blame for exploding government debts

Although EU governments do bear responsibility for their current debt problems, this is only half the story as the financial crisis was triggered by unsustainable increases in private debt, writes Paul de Grauwe, professor of economics at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium.
Euro & Finance 15-03-2010

Financial markets and eurozone system partly to blame for Greek crisis

Although Greece is largely to blame for its debt crisis, the financial markets and eurozone authorities should also shoulder some responsibility for allowing it to degenerate into a systemic eurozone crisis, writes Paul De Grauwe, professor of economics at the University of Leuven and senior associate research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), in a March commentary.
Euro & Finance 10-05-2007

Professor de Grauwe on ECB policies

Criticism of the European Central Bank by Nicolas Sarkozy is "ill founded" argues Professor Paul de Grauwe. In this interview, he speaks about the ECB's policies, eurozone enlargement and why central banks hide the "cost of cash".