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Digital & Media 11-01-2016

EU and US divisions over data protection threaten agreement

Persistent disagreements between the United States and the European Union over the treatment of personal data threaten to undermine international standards. EURACTIV France reports
Trialogue talks over the data protection regulation started in June. Negotiatiors want to wrap up by the end of the year.
Digital & Media 25-09-2015

Irked tech companies set out ‘red lines’ on upcoming privacy law

A group of large tech companies published a list of 'red lines' they say the data protection regulation now in negotiations risks overstepping.
EU negotiators after the first trialogue meeting on data protection
Digital & Media 25-06-2015

Data protection talks start ahead of digital focus at EU summit

EU lawmakers sat down for their first meeting yesterday (24 June) to work out details on the EU's data protection reform. Facing bumps ahead, negotiators said they were still committed to wrapping up the legislation package this year.

Data protection tops the Commission’s agenda

The ever-expanding flow of information, cloud computing and powerful search engines all come with the risk that personal data may fall into the wrong hands. A legislative package to improve the protection of European Union citizens' private data has been expected since 2011, but was delayed by the European Elections in May. EURACTIV.fr reports.