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Chizhov: Washington chose to act unilaterally to abrogate nuclear arms treaty

In a wide-ranging interview, Russia's Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov, speaks about nuclear arms control, the EU elections and top jobs, the situation in Ukraine, including the MH17, and America's bid to challenge Russian gas.
Global Europe 18-02-2019

Is Russia behind climate change protests in EU? ‘Definitely yes’, says Ukraine

Ukraine is sure that Russia actively supports the recent protests in EU countries against global warming, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin told a group of Brussels journalists on Monday (18 February).
Energy 22-01-2019

Russia plays for time in EU-mediated Ukraine gas transit talks

The EU mediated on Monday (21 January) talks between Moscow and Kyiv on the future of Russian gas transit via Ukraine, the only decision being that the sides agreed to meet again in May.
Global Europe 11-12-2018

Julian King: Russian info war preceded Ukrainian ship seizures

Russia launched a year-long fake news campaign about Kiev's and NATO's plans for the Azov Sea before seizing three Ukrainian ships and their crew there, EU security commissioner Julian King alleged Monday (10 December).
Global Europe 12-06-2018

Germany, France voice cautious hope on reviving Ukraine peace process

Germany and France voiced cautious optimism Monday that Russia and Ukraine will take steps to revive the long-stalled peace process in the smouldering Ukraine war that has claimed 10,000 lives.
Europe's East 28-02-2018

Hungary summons Ukraine envoy over building attack

Hungary said yesterday (27 February) it had summoned Kyiv's envoy to warn against rising "extremism" after an ethnic-Hungarian cultural building in western Ukraine was attacked for the second time in a month.

Ukrainians cheer on first day of visa-free EU travel

Ukrainians on Sunday (11 June) celebrated the first day of visa-free access to the European Union, with thousands crossing the border as President Petro Poroshenko proclaimed a dramatic "exit" from Moscow's grip.
Europe's East 04-01-2017

Austria kicks off chairing of OSCE with Ukraine visit

In mid-January, further negotiations will be held on the Ukraine conflict, within the framework of the OSCE. Time is of the essence as the situation remains dramatically unchanged. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Europe's East 29-11-2016

Steinmeier: Ukraine to show ‘responsibility’ at Minsk talks

Germany's foreign minister called on Ukraine and Russia to "show responsibility" and agree on a roadmap in four-way talks on Tuesday (29 November) on how to implement last year's ceasefire accord for eastern Ukraine, but dampened hopes for a breakthrough.
Europe's East 23-02-2016

France and Germany tell Ukraine ‘time is running out’

The foreign ministers of Germany and France urged Ukraine on Monday (22 February) to quickly resolve its political crisis and recommitted themselves to efforts to resolve the separatist war in the east of the ex-Soviet state.
Economy & Jobs 02-12-2015

Russia likely to curb Ukraine imports over EU pact

Russia is likely to penalise Ukrainian imports from January after EU-brokered talks failed to find a compromise yesterday (1 December), exactly a month before the launch of an EU-Ukraine free trade pact that Russia opposes.
Armenia 21-05-2015

Ukraine wants roadmap to EU accession at Riga summit

Ukraine's foreign minister said his country wants assurances at a summit with the European Union this week that it is a suitable candidate for EU membership, and that its citizens will gain visa-free travel to the bloc next year.
Europe's East 14-04-2015

Violence in Ukraine increases as G7 meets in Lübeck

Ukraine's military accused pro-Russian rebels yesterday (13 April) of using heavy weapons that were meant to have been withdrawn under a ceasefire deal, after one Ukrainian serviceman was killed and six wounded in rebel-held territories.
Europe's East 09-04-2015

Four-way talks on Ukraine to be held in Berlin Monday

The French, German, Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers will meet in Berlin on Monday (13 April) to review the fragile ceasefire agreed on in February, to end a year of bloody war in eastern Ukraine.
Europe's East 25-02-2015

Normandy quartet agrees to reinforcement of Ukraine OSCE mission

The foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany agreed on Tuesday (24 February) to seek a reinforcement of the international monitoring mission in Ukraine and renewed their calls for an oft-breached ceasefire agreement to be respected.
Europe's East 21-01-2015

Ukraine says Russia directly attacked its forces

Ukrainian army units came under attack from Russian troops in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday (20 January) and heavy fighting was taking place, a Ukrainian military spokesman said.
Europe's East 03-12-2014

Rada approves new Ukraine government

Verhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, voted in a new government yesterday (2 December), putting foreign technocrats in key financial roles and renewing terms for the foreign and defence ministers in a signal that no major change in policy is likely on the rebellious east.
Global Europe 02-12-2014

Russia and NATO trade accusations

Russia accused NATO yesterday (1 December) of destabilising northern Europe and the Baltics by carrying out drills there and announced new military exercises of its own, increasing tension over the Ukraine crisis.
Europe's East 18-08-2014

Ukraine makes breakthrough against pro-Russia separatists

Ukrainian forces have raised their national flag over a police station in the city of Luhansk that was for months under rebel control, Kyiv said yesterday (17 August), in what could be a breakthrough in Ukraine's efforts to crush pro-Moscow separatists.
Global Europe 23-07-2014

EU ministers threaten Russia with harsher sanctions

EU foreign ministers threatened Russia yesterday (22 July) with harsher sanctions over Ukraine that could inflict wider damage on its economy following the downing of a Malaysian airliner, but delayed action for a few days.
From left to right: Laurent Fabius, Sergei Lavrov, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Pavlo Klimkin at news conference after Ukraine talks in Berlin [Photo Reuters]
Europe's East 03-07-2014

Berlin talks agree on contact group for Ukraine ceasefire

The foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine agreed in Berlin yesterday (2 July) to hold three-way talks involving pro-Moscow rebels by Saturday, in order to pave the way for a new ceasefire, despite continued fighting that Kyiv says has now killed 200 of its troops.
Catherine Ashton and Carld Bildt at Luxembourg ministerial
Europe's East 24-06-2014

EU throws its weight behind Ukraine peace plan

The EU urged Russia Monday (23 June) to back President Petro Poroshenko's peace plan for Ukraine. But its threat of tougher sanctions, if Moscow failed to do so, appeared to only have partial support.
Global Europe 03-12-2012

Ukraine needs the Association Agreement to get its house in order

I am amazed by the current discussion about the EU–Ukraine Association Agreement, about when, where, why to sign it or to sign it all in all. It’s a total confusion of goals and means and nobody is talking about it, neither in the EU nor in Ukraine, writes Pavlo Klimkin.
Europe's East 20-09-2011

Ukrainian minister: Tymoshenko’s trial is not a witch-hunt

The ongoing trial against Ukraine's former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is not political and EU circles should not link this issue to a possible freezing of negotiations on the Free Trade Area Agreement, said Ukrainian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.