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EU Elections 2014 06-06-2014

If Juncker falls, it should be in a battle, not a coup

Though the EPP is not compelled to choose Jean-Claude Juncker as its nominee for the Commission presidency, Juncker should nonetheless be allowed to lead the talks if he earns a qualified majority, and the UK should learn to “live with it”, argues Pawe? ?wieboda.
Global Europe 30-10-2013

Remedy for transatlantic distrust

Strategising has gone missing from transatlantic relations and must be revisited by a new constituency of business and political leaders, writes Pawe? ?wieboda.
Euro & Finance 13-12-2012

Europe’s federal moment will take time

The last four months created an illusion that the worst is over in the eurozone crisis and more attention can be devoted to the project's future, writes Pawe? ?wieboda. However, much remains to be done and the golden rule of the new European Union will be to "Trust and verify", he says.

Shake-up of European politics is as important as saving the euro

The current debt crisis that many EU countries are struggling with had a crucial impact on their political systems as well, transforming the role of the state, argues Pawe? ?wieboda from demosEuropa. The question of how can this be handled is as important as saving the euro.
Euro & Finance 04-11-2011

Time for the final act in solving the eurozone crisis

The possibility of a Greek rejection of the eurozone bailout package has shown both the fragility of the existing system and the need for a federal leap in economic governance, which would include the ECB acting as a lender of last resort and effective disciplinary measures for violators of the Stability and Growth Pact, argues Pawe? ?wieboda.
Future EU 13-07-2011

Advisor: Polish Presidency wants new ‘European contract’

Poland wants to draw up a new 'contract' for the EU that would highlight the benefits of EU membership and redefine the joint responsibilities of member states, says Pawe? ?wieboda in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV Poland.