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Economy & Jobs 26-09-2019

EU divided over implementation of payments directive

The European Commission questioned on Wednesday (25 September) some member states’ decision to grant at least 18 months to banks for the full implementation of the European Payments Services Directive 2, which requires stronger authentication procedures for online payments.
Economy & Jobs 15-01-2018

Moving the payment landscape forward at speed

The way we pay and shop continues to evolve at speed but the vision  of a safe, secure and simple digital payments landscape is happening all around us, writes Ann Cairns.
e-Commerce 26-09-2017

Tech industry sounds alarm over draft online payment rules

Twenty-seven e-commerce companies and lobby groups have asked the European Commission to change a draft proposal to regulate payment services, arguing that additional security measures will drive shoppers away from online platforms.
Technology 21-11-2014

Scope and level of card caps remain in dispute

SPECIAL REPORT: EU lawmakers disagree over the level and scope at which card payments in Europe should be capped as the issue goes into trilogue in advance of its adoption anticipated early next year.
Euro & Finance 04-07-2014

Italian presidency must prioritise card fees legislation, say businesses and consumers

Consumer and business organisations have called on the Italian Presidency of the EU and new European Parliament to make legislation capping payment card fees its “absolute priority.”
Euro & Finance 24-06-2014

More than half of retailers will not pass on capped card fee savings to customers

More than half of high value retailers will not pass on savings from the proposed EU cap on interbank fees on card payments to their customers, and instead invest the money into their business, according to new research.
Euro & Finance 28-03-2014

Parliament gears up for payment card fee vote

The EU proposal for a Payment Service Directive designed to limit interbank fees on all card payments will be voted on during the 3 April plenary sitting. EURACTIV France reports.
Pablo Zalba Bidegain MEP [Friends of Europe. 2011]
Euro & Finance 07-03-2014

Pablo Zalba Bidegain: Card payment ceilings will lead to greater transparency

The introduction of ceilings for Multilateral Interchange Fees (MIFs) will lead to lower costs for credit and debit card use by both consumers and retailers, according to Pablo Zalba Bidegain. EURACTIV Slovakia spoke with the MEP about the proposed legislation.

New payment services lack security standards, officials warn

Proposed rule changes designed to introduce more competition in the credit and debit card markets lack standards to protect consumers from fraud and data security breaches, officials told the European Parliament on Tuesday (7 January).
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Economy & Jobs 12-12-2013

Rapporteur: More transparency needed for payment services

In an interview with EURACTIV's senior journalist Jeremy Fleming-Jones, Portuguese EPP MEP Diogo Feio said that "he is confident' an agreement on the payments service directive can be achieved "before the end of the Parliamentary mandate".

New players cause headaches for mobile payments standards

The multitude of interested stakeholders attempting to break into novel mobile payments (m-payments) markets is holding up the creation of common standards, a leading standards body representative has admitted.
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Economy & Jobs 27-09-2013

The Payment Services Directive Revision

The original Payment Services Directive (PSD) was adopted by the EU six years ago, but an explosion in the ownership and use of smartphones and tablets, and new buying patterns, has taken place since. The Commission has now proposed a new directive to bring the original up to date. With the directive now under consideration in the European Parliament and Council, Fondation EURACTIV is pleased to invite you to a round table debate to explore answers to questions such as:
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Economy & Jobs 25-07-2013

EU eyes €6 billion savings from credit, debit card fee caps

The European Commission tabled proposals yesterday (24 July) aimed at reducing the cost of using payment cards for consumers, setting new fee limits at 0.2% and 0.3% of the transaction value for debit cards and credit cards respectively.
Euro & Finance 25-07-2013

EU eyes €6 billion savings from credit, debit card fee caps

The European Commission tabled proposals yesterday (24 July) aimed at reducing the cost of using payment cards for consumers, setting new fee limits at 0.2% and 0.3% of the transaction value for debit cards and credit cards respectively.
Euro & Finance 19-07-2013

Commission to go ahead with cap on card fees

The European Commission will table proposals next week (24 July) aimed at reducing the cost of using payment and credit cards for consumers. The draft regulation, seen by EURACTIV, will set new fee limits at 0.2% and 0.3% of the transaction value for debit cards and credit cards respectively.
Public Affairs 19-07-2013

Barnier slams ‘unacceptable’ MasterCard lobbying

The EU Commissioner for the internal market and services, Michel Barnier, told French journalists in Brussels yesterday (18 July), that he “was very struck by an unusual campaign – an American campaign” he faced from MasterCard.
Euro & Finance 11-07-2013

New mobile payment systems pose regulatory, security challenges

SPECIAL REPORT / An updated Payment Services Directive (PSD II), to be published by the European Commission this month, will struggle to cover regulatory and security challenges posed by a range of new mobile payments services expected to explode onto the European scene over the next two years.
Euro & Finance 10-07-2013

Cultural differences challenge European single payments area

SPECIAL REPORT / New rules to promote a Single European Payments Area (SEPA) will be presented this month, but the EU executive faces cultural as well as regulatory hurdles in attempting to promote online and mobile payments across the EU.
Euro & Finance 09-07-2013

Consumer groups divided over benefits of lower payment-card fees

SPECIAL REPORT / Forthcoming European Commission proposals aimed at reducing charges for payment cards have ignited a debate over whether consumers will benefit, based on previous experiences in Spain and France.
Euro & Finance 08-07-2013

EU’s new payments directive to cap fees, ignite consumer debate

SPECIAL REPORT / Forthcoming European Commission proposals that are aimed at levelling the playing field for payment cards across Europe are likely to ignite disputes over new market entrants and consumer benefits.
Competition 13-06-2013

EU consults rivals, customers on Visa Europe probe

EU regulators asked Visa Europe's customers and rivals to assess its offer to cap inter-bank credit card fees at the same level as competitor MasterCard, a concession intended to end an antitrust investigation and avoid a possible fine.
Euro & Finance 07-06-2013

Payment Services Directive: The new payments landscape

The Payment Services Directive (PSD) was adopted by the EU Council of Ministers in March 2007, but an explosion in e-commerce through the internet and the ownership and use of smartphones has taken place since then. In response to the challenge posed by technology to traditional payments methods, the Commission published a green paper called: ‘Towards an integrated European market for card, internet and mobile payments,’ as a precursor to further rules changes. Following a consultation period an updated Payment Services Directive (PSD II) was published this summer (July 24), with a separate regulation on multilateral interchange fees (MIFs).
Euro & Finance 24-05-2012

EU wins landmark ruling over credit, payment card fees

Mastercard lost a challenge to an EU ban on its cross-border card fees in a ruling that puts rival Visa Europe squarely in the sights of the European regulators over its charges.
Technology 22-12-2011

EU plans next move as Google, Visa jostle for ‘eMoney’

The European Commission is following with interest the battle between Google and Visa, which have both stepped up their offers of "digital wallet" services. EURACTIV has seen a draft of a public consultation document that the EU executive will launch in January on internet and mobile payments.