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Euro & Finance 19-05-2009

EU edges closer to mobile phone payments

An agreement between two major industry players has brought Europe a step closer to using mobile phone technology for direct payments.
Competition 04-10-2007

Visa to appeal Commission’s €10m anti-trust fine

Visa has said that it will appeal a fine imposed by the EU for refusing to admit Morgan Stanley to its payment system in Britain. The Commission argued that the move was "unjustified and discriminatory". EU anti-trust chief Neelie Kroes said that the decision would give a "clear signal" that the Commission will take a tough line to ensure competition in the payments sector.
Euro & Finance 28-06-2002

Less costs for cash withdrawals abroard from 1 July

From 1 July 2002, the cost of euro cash withdrawals in other Member States should be the same as in the home Member State as the Regulation on cross-border payments in euros enters into force.
Euro & Finance 14-12-2001

Regulation on bank charges for cross border euro payments adopted

The European Parliament on 13 December adopted, without amendments, the Regulation that states that charges for transactions in euros within the EU should be the same across borders as within a single Member State.
Competition 13-12-2001

Heavy fines for German bank cartel

The European Commission decided to fine five German banks a total of 100,8 million euro for allegedly fixing the charges for the exchange of euro-zone currencies.
Euro & Finance 16-11-2001

EP agrees with Commission on euro cross border payments

The Parliament voted that charges for transactions in euros within the EU should be the same across borders as within a single Member State. The Commission agrees with the Parliament's three amendments.
Euro & Finance 21-09-2001

Study confirms high charges for cross border payments

According to a new study conducted for the Commission, banks and credit institutions in the EU still charge excessive fees for cross-border credit transfers within the EU. The European Banking Federation says that its research shows results contrary to those of the Commission.
Brexit 01-03-2001

Switzerland to vote on referendum on EU

Opinion polls show highly sceptical Swiss population unlikely to accept EU membership in referendum on 4 March
Brexit 01-03-2001

SMEs to be paid more promptly ?

Ombudsman approves changes to Commission payment scheme following 15 month investigation