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Automated vehicles 14-02-2019

Do we really want driverless cars?

Without a doubt, fully automated cars are coming to a road near you – and soon. But if the mesmerized governments and technocrats don’t pause to address the concerns of the man and woman on the street, they may find themselves facing social upheaval on a massive scale, writes Jonathan Gornall.
Road safety 20-11-2018

Seeing is believing: How redesigning trucks can eliminate blindspots

Sensors have a role to play for pedestrian safety, particularly for the areas around a truck where the driver cannot see directly. But they shouldn’t replace direct vision through the windows of the vehicle, writes Samuel Kenny.
Transport 15-07-2003

EU wants to make buses and lorries safer

On 14 July, the Commission adopted a proposal for a Directive laying down stricter EU-wide technical requirements for utility vehicles.
Transport 14-06-2003

MEPs want further measures from industry and Member States to ensure pedestrian safety

On 11 June, the Parliament's Transport Committee adopted a first reading report on the Commission's proposal for a new directive on pedestrian safety.
Transport 21-02-2003

Commission presents draft on pedestrian safety

On 19 February 2003, the Commission presented its new proposal for a framework directive on pedestrian protection.
Transport 08-01-2003

Pedestrian safety to be enforced by law?

By the end of January, the Commission is expected to present a new proposal for a framework directive on pedestrian protection.
Transport 27-11-2001

Internal Market Council endorses voluntary deal with car industry on pedestrian safety

The EU's internal market ministers endorsed on Monday 26 November a voluntary agreement with the European car industry on measures to increase pedestrian safety. The European car makers committed themselves to new safety measures, such as the introduction of ABS and daytime running lights, and the withdrawal of bull bars.