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Economy & Jobs 17-07-2017

‘Demographic dependency’ casts shadow over employment report

Young people in Europe will be squeezed by shrinking pensions and demographic change, adding pressure to under 25-year-olds who are already weighed down by a stubbornly high unemployment rate.
Economy & Jobs 16-03-2017

Commission worried Romania will miss 2017 deficit target

The European Commission is still concerned that Romania will go from registering the highest growth in the EU to racking up the biggest budget deficit. But Bucharest insists there is no cause for concern. EURACTIV Romania reports.

Greek retirees protest pension cuts

Greek pensioners took to the streets of the capital on Thursday (3 November) to protest against a new wave of pension cuts the leftist-led government imposed as part of an austerity drive prescribed by international lenders.

Pension reform sparks fiercest protests since Tsipras took office

Thousands marched in Greece yesterday (4 February) as a crippling general strike against pension reforms swept the country, with hooded youths lobbing firebombs at riot police in scattered skirmishes in Athens.
Agrifood 03-02-2016

Greek farmers’ border blockade angers Bulgarians

Bulgaria is losing patience with Greek farmers, who have blocked border checkpoints for a third consecutive day today (3 February), protesting against a planned overhaul of the pension system.
Euro & Finance 15-01-2016

Athens caves in, accepts IMF participation in bailout plan

Greece "fully accepted" on Thursday (14 January) that the hardline IMF take a role in its massive third bailout, backing away from one of the last battle lines splitting Athens and its eurozone creditors.
EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici

Greece agrees pension reforms to apply from July

Greece and its lenders discussing a third multi-billion-euro bailout deal have agreed that pension reforms will affect only those who retired after the end of June, labour ministry officials said on Monday (3 August).
Global Europe 16-06-2015

Tsipras to play his last cards

Greece and its creditors are locked in a stalemate after loan talks collapsed over the weekend, bringing Athens just two weeks away from a catastrophic default on its debt. On Thursday (18 June), when the Eurogroup will for the last time try to find a solution, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will be on a visit to Russia.

Europe’s low interest rates a headache for corporate pensions

Historically low interest rates in the eurozone are becoming an increasing headache for companies forced to set aside billions in extra cash to meet their pension obligations to employees.

French pension reform raises concerns in Brussels

As France fails to make in-depth changes to its pension system, the European Commission expressed concerns over the additional burden it could place on the private sector’s competitiveness. 

Sweden considers raising retirement age to 75

Swedes should be prepared to work until they are 75 and to change careers in the middle of their work life if they are to keep the welfare standards they expect, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said.

EU in search of retirement age formula

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt recently said Swedes may have to stretch their working life from 65 to 75 years in order to keep the same standard of living. But societies in most EU countries are not prepared for such a drastic change, the EURACTIV network reports.

Human rights court inundated with Hungary complaints

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg is overwhelmed with individual applications from Hungarian nationals who consider themselves abused by a pension reform that took effect a year ago with the objective of filling the state coffers.

Czech Republic kicks off pension reform

Czech lawmakers gave their initial approval on 13 July to a pension bill that bucks a trend of unravelling retirement reforms in some EU newcomers but has triggered protests and hurt the government's popularity. EURACTIV Czech Republic contributed to this article.
Central Europe 29-03-2011

Poland saves on pensions to cut budget deficit

Controversial pension reform adopted by the Polish parliament last Friday (25 March) has met with criticism from employers' federations and business circles. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Central Europe 24-12-2010

EU firms nervous about new Hungarian laws, taxes

Fifteen large European firms have filed a complaint to the European Commission about hastily-adopted taxes in Hungary which they say threatens their activities in the country taking over the rotating EU Presidency. EURACTIV.hu reports from Budapest.
Euro & Finance 14-12-2010

Poland, Hungary at odds over pension reform ahead of EU summit

The European Commission confirmed yesterday (13 December) it had reached an agreement with Poland on giving countries that have reformed their pension systems more leeway over fiscal policy. In the meantime, the parliament in Budapest voted to effectively dismantle pension reform. The issue will be on the agenda of EU leaders at their 16-17 December summit.
Euro & Finance 13-12-2010

Poland strikes pension deal with EU

Poland reached an agreement with the European Union aimed at loosening public finance rules in order to take into account costs of pension reform, Poland's Finance Ministry said on Friday (10 December).
Euro & Finance 06-12-2010

Hungary, Bulgaria challenge Rehn on pensions

Struggling with budgetary pressure at home, Hungary and Bulgaria have nationalised their pre-funded pension schemes and excluded the cost of the reforms from their public debt figures, triggering a row with the European Commission. EURACTIV's network reports.
Euro & Finance 02-11-2010

Romania to fight over EU budget rules, pensions

Romanian President Traian Basescu said he was "not happy" with a decision by EU leaders last week to exclude the cost of pension reform programmes from public debt and deficit figures, saying he will fight for a "fair decision".

French strikes challenge Sarkozy on pension reform

French trade unions launched the second 24-hour strike in a month on Thursday (23 September) against President Nicolas Sarkozy's unpopular pension reform, seeking to force his government to go back on plans to end retirement at 60.

Member states want pension reform to count in new budget rules

The European Commission said on Monday (16 August) that a call from nine EU countries to take into account pension reform in EU rules on budget accounting was relevant, and that it would prepare a position on it soon.

Commission treads carefully on pension reform

The European Commission yesterday (7 July) launched its long-awaited 'Green Paper' on EU pension reform, but wary officials were at pains not to prescribe solutions to EU member states, where the issue is likely to spark controversies in coming years.

Brussels dips toe into pension reform debate

In an upcoming discussion paper, the European Commission calls on member states to automatically adapt retirement ages to changing demographic and economic trends in order to avoid potentially heated debates on pension reform.

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