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Economy & Jobs 11-12-2003

European Social dialogue and Civil dialogue

This report was issued after a seminar organised by Notre Europe on 10 June 2003 with the collaboration of the European Economic and Social Committee.
Public Affairs 02-07-2003

NGOs: Selling out by partnering with business?

A study developed in cooperation with UN bodies, NGOs and the corporate community reveals that NGOs have increasingly chosen engagement with businesses, rather than confrontation.
Future EU 18-07-2002

Convention: Involving civil society in the debate

Convention: Involving civil society in the debate Stanley Crossick takes stock of the participation of civil society in the Convention plenary in June and calls for this episode not to remain isolated, but to develop into a regular exchange and,...
Future EU 09-07-2002

Germany wants Convention to draft EU Constitution by October

The German Government wants the European Convention to present a draft of an EU Constitutional Treaty by October, according to a confidential letter, published in the French daily Libération.
Future EU 26-06-2002

Convention plans to draft its proposal for EU reform in early 2003

The President of the European Convention, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, has stated that the Convention will start drafting its proposals in early 2003, as requested by EU leaders.

Convention: Call for a Common Agricultural and Rural Policy

The AgriCultural Convention has called on the European Convention to lay the foundations of a Common Agricultural and Rural Policy in the treaties, and to ensure democratic accountability in current and future decision-making.
Future EU 24-06-2002

Convention discusses EU’s future with civil society

The European Convention is listening to the representatives of the civil society at its plenary session on 24-25 June.
Future EU 14-06-2002

Convention sets up 8 contact groups for civil society

The European Convention has set up eight contact groups to prepare its next plenary session of 24-25 June, which will deal with the civil society.
Future EU 01-03-2002

Convention sets up multi-dimensional civil society forum

At the European Convention's first meeting on 28 February 2002, Vice-President Jean-Luc Dehaene, who is in charge of relations with civil society, explained that the civil society forum will be structured as a multi-dimensional network.
Future EU 15-02-2002

NGOs set up ‘Civil Society Contact Group’

Representatives of major European sectoral NGOs, together with the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), announced the creation of a 'Civil Society Contact Group'. The Contact group will develop a structured relationship with the Praesidium of the Convention on the Future of Europe, in order to encourage the consultation and involvement of civil society and to accompany the Civil Society Forum.
Future EU 11-02-2002

Civil Society Forum wants referendum on EU reform

The Permanent Civil Society Forum, a network of European NGO's, will provide a platform for discussion and debate during the deliberations of the Convention. It aims to examine how participatory democracy can be implemented at a European level.