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  • Georgian foreign minister lashes out at EU centre-right party

    Europe's East 21-12-2012

    Georgia's foreign minister has accused several conservative Western politicians, including the leader of the European People’s Party, of being biased against the two-month-old government of Bidzina Ivanishvili.

  • EU summit deal aims for full ‘banking union’ in 2014

    Euro & Finance 19-10-2012

    European Union leaders have agreed plans to complete the European banking union by January 2014, after the general elections in Germany. The concession was made to Angela Merkel who argued for "quality" over "speed" in putting in place the new supervisory system.

  • EPP to draw ‘profile’ of next EU Commission President

    Elections 12-10-2012

    The centre-right European Peoples’ Party (EPP) will start sketching the 'profile' of the next European Commission President at its upcoming congress in Bucharest next week, its President Wilfried Martens told the press yesterday (11 October). 

  • Stanishev elected PES president

    Elections 01-10-2012

    The Congress of the Party of European Socialists elected Sergei Stanishev as their new leader. The chairman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and former Bulgarian prime minister clinched the office with 91.3% of the votes cast in an election held Saturday (29 September). 

  • European Socialists’ congress may shun Romania

    Elections 30-08-2012

    EXCLUSIVE: The Party of European Socialists (PES) are set to formalise a decision to move their Congress away from Bucharest, amid concerns over Prime Minister Victor Ponta's democratic credentials, EURACTIV can reveal.

  • Austrian chancellor breaks ranks with Germany on Greece

    Euro & Finance 27-08-2012

    Greece should get more time to repay its debts provided that it sticks to reforms and savings targets agreed with the European Union, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said, taking a softer line than neighbour Germany, which has so far opposed any delay.

  • French cabinet under fire over Roma expulsions

    Social Europe & Jobs 13-08-2012

    Rights groups have accused France’s Socialist leaders of abandoning electoral promises by continuing the arbitrary expulsions of Eastern European Roma that were begun under former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

  • Romania, Bulgaria set to fail their biggest test

    Justice & Home Affairs 13-07-2012

    Bulgaria and Romania are set to fail their biggest test since their accession on 1 January 2007 with the forthcoming publication of crucial progress reports on the reform of law enforcement.

  • Socialists say ‘Stop ACTA’

    Digital & Media 10-02-2012

    The leader of the Party of European Socialists, Sergei Stanishev, told EURACTIV he was "proud" that his European political family was the first to come up with a clear position on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which he says is against the interests of European citizens.

  • Socialists slam ’empty talk’ about growth, jobs

    Euro & Finance 30-01-2012

    Socialist leaders warned conservative politicians meeting in Brussels for an EU summit today (30 January) about "empty talk" when claiming they support policies to boost jobs and growth. 

  • New PES leader opposes a ‘Europe of different speeds’

    Elections 25-11-2011

    Sergei Stanishev, leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, was elected yesterday (24 November) as leader of the Party of European Socialists. The former Bulgarian prime minister says the European centre-left opposes a Europe of different speeds, where two or three countries decide for the others.

  • Socialists, centre-right quibble over eurozone reforms

    Future EU 07-03-2011

    Meeting in Helsinki late on Saturday (5 March), leaders from the centre-right European People's Party (EPP) derided the absence of two of the four centre-left Party of European Socialists (PES) prime ministers from an alternative summit held simultaneously in Athens.