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In Juncker’s Commission youth loses out

Assigning the portfolio for Education to Tibor Navracsics is problematic, writes Peter Matjaši?.
Peter Matjaši?
EU Priorities 2020 14-05-2014

Europe’s youth ready to make their voices heard!

More than 5,000 young European came together last weekend in Strasbourg to discuss participation in the next EU elections, and issues important to youth, such as unemployment, education and the future of Europe. An event that top EU officials declined to attend.
Peter Matjaši?

Youth Guarantee ‘an unprecedented opportunity’ to improve lives for young people

The Youth Guarantee can help unemployed, young people who are trapped in a poverty cycle, but in order to be fully successful, there needs to be a coherent and comprehensive approach to tackle youth unemployment in the EU, says Peter Matjaši?.

Political rhetoric is not enough to save a lost generation in Europe

Young people must be given a fair share of the budget of the European Union as they have the right to real investments, not just nice words. The proposed budgets for youth programmes are not enough, writes Peter Matjaši?.
Future EU 07-02-2013

EU budget: Less for cows, more for young people

The European Union spends more on cows than young people, and that needs to change if Europe is to address its youth unemployment problem and create future opportunities for young people, says Peter Matjaši?.

Not investing in youth is costing us €100 billion per year

EU member states should not freeze or cut the EU budget that would support the autonomy and the rights of young people in Europe. They must think long term, says Peter Matjaši?.

Activist: Jobs creation starts with youth entrepreneurship

To reduce youth unemployment, training and education might not be enough, turning young people into entrepreneurs is the solution, Peter Matjaši?, president of the European Youth Forum, told EURACTIV in an interview.