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Brexit 23-01-2013

Cameron’s EU referendum draws criticism from British MEPs

After months of anticipation, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday delivered his much awaited-speech on the UK's role in Europe. Under intense pressure from the euroskeptic side of his own Conservative Party, Cameron promised to offer the British people an in/out referendum on EU membership. Before that, however, he hopes to re-negotiate a 'new settlement' for the UK in Europe.
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Deterring EU Competition Law Infringements: Are We Using the Right Sanctions?

In a conference organised on 3 December in Brussels, the Tilburg Law & Economics Centre (TILEC) and the Liège Competition Innovation Institute (LCII), prominent academics, regulators and practitioners discussed differing approaches to sanctions in competition law. The high-level full-day conference "Deterring Competition Law Infringements: Are We Using the Right Sanctions" was designed to bring detailed analysis and up-to-date knowledge about emerging trends in optimal deterrence and sanctions.