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Migration crisis morphs ‘enlargement fatigue’ into realpolitik

The migration crisis is putting pressure on the EU to re-open accession negotiations with strategic neighbours. But it should take care not to compromise its values, writes Peter Van Elsuwege.
Europe's East 13-03-2014

Towards a new ‘frozen conflict’ in Europe?

The conflict between Russia and Georgia in the summer of 2008 left South Ossetia and Abkhazia in limbo. Today, it is not unlikely that Crimea will be the next spot on Europe's map, deserving this label, writes Peter Van Elsuwege.
Europe's East 08-04-2013

Coherent approach needed on visa liberalisation

Freedom of movement, including the opportunity to cross state borders without unnecessary obstacles, is of great significance in people’s lives. For this reason, visa policy should not be used as a political instrument, writes Peter Van Elsuwege.