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Global Europe 29-03-2016

Will Prague be rewarded for its new attitude to China?

The Czech Republic is no longer criticising China on human rights or over the status of Tibet, and it is expected to reap economic benefits over the current visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, write Václav Kopecký and Alice Rezková.
Elections 04-07-2013

A political earthquake in the Czech Republic

The recent upheaval in the Czech government has given Miloš Zeman, the country's president, the opportunity to carry out a power grab. It is an opportunity he will seize, according to academic Dariusz Ka?an.

Czech PM survives no-confidence vote over amnesty

Czech Prime Minister Petr Ne?as survived a vote of no confidence yesterday (17 January), after coming under sharp attack for an amnesty granted by outgoing President Václav Klaus that halted investigations of dozens of financial crimes.

Czech PM condemns Swiss ‘safeguard’ on Eastern EU workers

Avoiding terms like "discrimination", Czech Prime Minister Petr Ne?as yesterday (19 April) told EURACTIV.cz that he regretted the decision by Switzerland to re-introduce an authorisation requirement for workers from the eight East European countries that joined the EU in 2004. The EURACTIV network in Central Europe contributed to this article.
Central Europe 28-09-2010

Czech PM: Visegrad Group ‘not a Masonic Lodge’

Petr Ne?as, the Czech Republic's new prime minister, has defended regular talks between his country, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, saying closer cooperation between Central European states is a legitimate component of EU integration. He spoke to EURACTIV.cz in an exclusive interview.