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Energy 22-03-2019

Big oil’s ‘double speak’ on climate exposed in new report

The world’s five largest listed oil and gas companies have spent more than $1 billion touting their climate credentials since the Paris Agreement was signed, whilst lobbying to protect and expand their fossil fuel operations, according to new analysis published on Friday (22 March).

How will oil producing countries meet the challenge of climate change?

As the United Nations COP24 gets underway in Poland, leading oil and gas players – countries and companies – are confronted with the challenge of mapping out their share of the new energy economy, writes Robin Mills.
Energy 25-09-2003

MEPs reject proposals to increase oil stocks, send Commission back to drawing board

The MEPs' rejection of proposals on the security of petroleum supply in Europe came as a severe blow to the Commission, forcing it to rethink its initiative.
Energy 12-09-2003

EP Committee questions Commission’s proposals on security of oil and gas supply

The parliamentary Industry Committee adopted two reports on energy supply in the first reading, strongly opposing to give the Commission more power in case of energy shortages.
Energy 13-02-2001

Agreement on excise duties for fuel products

ECOFIN reaches political agreement to allow Member States to exempt or apply lower rate of excise duty to certain categories of fuels
Energy 16-11-2000

Commission proposals on exemptions for petroleum products

The European Commission has adopted a proposal for a Council Directive on the excise duties placed on petroleum products