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Energy 08-07-2020

VW to ditch petrol and diesel cars manufacturing at key factory

Volkswagen is set to remove production lines for all internal combustion engine vehicles from one of its key factories this year, replacing them with electric vehicle production capacity. EURACTIV's media partner, edie.net, reports.
Energy 22-03-2019

Big oil’s ‘double speak’ on climate exposed in new report

The world’s five largest listed oil and gas companies have spent more than $1 billion touting their climate credentials since the Paris Agreement was signed, whilst lobbying to protect and expand their fossil fuel operations, according to new analysis published on Friday (22 March).
Global Europe 16-10-2012

Iran’s opposition sets sights on Tehran

Iran’s rulers have every reason to be anxious. Whether real change is achieved is dependent on world powers harnessing the opposition’s momentum and backing their calls for grassroots change, writes Ivan Sascha Sheehan.

Europe under pressure to follow tough US mining rules

Lawmakers in the European Parliament will be under pressure this autumn to follow America’s lead in adopting tough financial disclosure rules aimed at combating corruption in overseas mining and petroleum operations.
Energy 24-07-2007

Good governance of the petroleum sector

The difficulties faced by developing countries in managing oil revenues efficiently and fairly, the requirements of economic liberalisation and pressure from evolving international standards have placed the governance of the petroleum sector in sharp focus, states this Chatham House report, published in April 2007.
Energy 08-05-2006

Juncker calls for windfall tax on big oil

A suggestion by the Eurogroup Chairman and Luxembourg Prime Minister to tax the unexpected profits oil companies make from surging oil prices has found modest support at a meeting of EU finance ministers.