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Global Europe 07-03-2016

Seizing opportunity from crisis will help redefine our common goals

The migration crisis has come to challenge European solidarity, the principle of free movement and the EU’s dedication to human rights. Now, more than ever, the EU needs to live up to its embodied promise to never repeat the divisions and ensuing horrors of World War II, writes Petros Fassoulas.
Euro & Finance 09-11-2015

Fully-fledged Economic and Monetary Union: a common European destiny

If the common currency and the European Union itself are to survive, radical changes and bold decision making are needed, writes Petros Fassoulas.
EU Priorities 2020 07-07-2015

In search of a vision for Europe

No matter what happens today, Europe's leaders will be judged by history, not on how much they spent or saved, but for their vision, writes Petros Fassoulas.