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Health 17-12-2013

Pharma chief: Governments must stop thinking short-term

The EU must continue to invest in the pharmaceutical industry, where Europe has been a leader for many years, but where it's becoming more and more difficult to bring products to the market, says Bruno Strigini.
Health 19-07-2012

MEP: New clinical trial rules will boost EU pharma research

The European Commission's proposed regulation on clinical trials will help the European pharma industry to stop research centres from fleeing to Asia and America, says Philippe Juvin, a French centre-right MEP.
Health 26-09-2006

‘Member states want to block any change on pharmaceuticals’

The first meeting of the High Level Pharmaceutical Forum (HLPF) is set to be difficult. In order to control the health costs, the member states are likely to block any change on the topics under discussion: pricing of medicines, the assessment of relative effectiveness of drugs and information for patients, argues MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis in an interview with EURACTIV.