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Coronavirus 08-02-2021

Patents are not an obstacle to ramp up COVID-19 vaccines production, EU says

The European Commission aims to ramp up production of COVID-19 vaccines through “voluntary” sharing of know-how among pharma companies, EU sources said, emphasising that patents are not an obstacle to do that.
Health 19-09-2016

Pharma industry ‘cannot escape’ drug price talks, say patient groups

Patient groups and the pharmaceutical sector agree that access to medicines needs to be improved - but the way to do it seems to divide them. EURACTIV.com reports from Sofia.
Health 01-08-2016

EU drugs agency to unveil results on ‘early medicines’ project this week

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) will this week publish the much-awaited results of a pilot project on the early marketing authorisation of drugs, EURACTIV has learnt.

Berlin launches dialogue to boost pharma research

The German government initiated plans on Monday (15 September) to strengthen the country’s attractiveness for pharmaceutical research and development, but the Left Party warns it is likely to become an "image campaign" for pharmaceutical giants. EURACTIV.de reports.
Health 09-07-2014

EU fines pharma companies for drug-delay deals

European Union antitrust regulators on Wednesday (9 July) fined French drugmaker Servier, Israel's Teva and four others a total of €428 million, as part of a crackdown on deals which block cheaper generic medicine.
Trade & Society 04-06-2013

Pharma firms face EU fines for delaying cheaper drugs

European regulators will clamp down on "pay-for-delay" deals in the pharmaceutical sector this month, fining Denmark's Lundbeck and eight other generic drug manufacturers for limiting access of cheaper products to the market.
Public Affairs 14-01-2013

Drugmakers suffer decline in trust, report says

The overall corporate reputation of pharmaceutical companies declined in 2012 compared to 2011, according to an independent study by patients' organisations.
Health 18-01-2011

EU ramps up drug patent settlement scrutiny

The EU regulator said yesterday (17 January) that it was pressing pharmaceutical companies for more information on their patent deals with generic companies, in a bid to make sure there is no delay in cheaper drugs coming to market.
Trade & Society 06-12-2010

EU raids AstraZeneca and other drugmakers

EU antitrust regulators have raided the offices of some pharmaceutical companies, including AstraZeneca, suspected of colluding to block the market entry of cheaper generic drugs.
Health 22-11-2010

Medical innovation: Changing an ailing system

The system for medical innovation is broken. The number of people struggling to obtain or afford essential medicines is rising at a dangerous pace. There must be a radical overhaul, said experts at a European Parliament hearing on Thursday (18 November).
Health 06-10-2010

Healthcare fraud costing EU €56bn a year

€56 billion is lost to healthcare fraud each year in the EU, but experts say conflicts of interest in the pharmaceutical sector mean that the true extent of expenditure being directed away from patients remains unknown.
Competition 13-01-2010

EU to scrutinise generic drug patent settlements

Patent settlements between pharmaceutical companies are set for European Commission scrutiny over concerns that some of the deals could deny EU consumers broader choice and lower-priced medicines.
Competition 08-01-2010

Danish pharma firm faces EU antitrust probe

The European Commission has launched an investigation into possible anticompetitive behaviour by Danish drug company Lundbeck, just months after the conclusion of a lengthy inquiry into the pharmaceutical sector.
Health 03-12-2009

Pharma industry prepares for end of ‘blockbuster medicines’

The days of the $1 billion blockbuster drug are over, according to a senior industry researcher. Big pharma is now investing in finding multiple uses for medicines developed to treat rare diseases, but is pushing the EU for regulatory changes to make research worthwhile.

EU to inject millions into developing innovative medicines

Europe is pumping an extra €156.3 million into accelerating the discovery and development of novel drugs as part of a new wave of public-private investment in innovative medicines.
Health 02-09-2009

Commissioner makes final plea for drug information directive

European Commission Vice-President Günter Verheugen has called for the revival of the stalled directive on providing information to patients, which has been held up by EU health ministers.
Competition 09-07-2009

Big pharma expresses relief over EU inquiry

The European pharmaceutical industry has expressed satisfaction with the publication of a long-awaited investigation into alleged anti-competitive practices in the sector, saying the final report is softer than a preliminary version released in November 2008.
Competition 08-07-2009

Big pharma braced for EU probe closure

The European Commission is today widely expected to confirm earlier allegations that big pharma groups are breaching EU competition rules by blocking the entry of cheaper generics onto the European market.
Competition 28-11-2008

Commission clashes with pharma groups over drug patents

The EU executive and European pharmaceutical giants engaged in a high-profile clash in Brussels today (28 November) as the European Commission produced a report on alleged breaches of competition by the industry.

€2 billion poured into EU pharma innovation

A joint Commission-pharma industry research initiative to speed up the development of new drugs and cut down development costs began operating on 30 April 2008.

Pharma groups must ‘adapt or die’, says report

Top pharmaceuticals companies have to make some tough decisions regarding their future in the infectious disesase market as patents of major products to cure these diseases face expiry, argues independent market analyst Datamonitor.
Competition 17-01-2008

Big pharma groups raided in EU antitrust probe

The Commission has raided the offices of a number of top pharmaceutical companies to find out whether anti-competitive practices in the sector have hindered innovation and blocked the entry of cheap generics on the European market.
Health 26-09-2006

‘Governments have no right to cut patients off from information’

Citizens must not be excluded from access to information on such critical issues as health by their own governments, argues MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, member of the High Level Pharmaceutical Forum (HLPF).
Health 19-09-2006

Pharma platform proposes EU Medicines Research Academy

A pan-European platform on innovative medicines proposes the creation of an EU Medicines Research Academy to fill in the gaps in education and training in support of medicines development.