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Health 12-12-2017

Drugs incentives have saved lives in Europe

Without strong incentives to spur continued investment in medical innovation, we cannot hope to ensure the sustainability of European healthcare systems and fulfil the promise of our great union, writes Jan Fischer.
Health 03-12-2014

A new debate is needed for biopharmaceuticals

The increasing complexity and uncertainty of drug development is hampering the industry’s ability to discover new, life-changing innovative medicines, writes Stefan Gijssels.
Development Policy 20-06-2014

Stop taxing the sick

The world’s sick and vulnerable should have access to affordable medicines in emerging and developing countries, which should lead an international liberalisation effort, argues Rod Hunter.
Health 16-03-2006

Analysis: Community pharmacy in Europe: lessons from deregulation – case studies

A study entitled Community pharmacy in Europe: Lessons from deregulation - case studies, carried out by the Austrian Health Institute (OBIG), examines pharmacy legislation and quantitative and qualitative indicators in six European countries:Austria, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain. 
Health 04-04-2005

Trusting Brands in Society – The Quality and Value of Modern Medicine

One of the arguments this report formulates is that there is a "real and urgent need to rebuild trust between people and the medicines they use" at a time when medicines are "highly safe" and "hugely beneficial" to personal and public healthcare. 
Health 14-12-2004

Innovation in the pharmaceutical sector

This study, requested by the European Commission, examines the reasons behind a worldwide crisis in pharmaceutical innovation and provides recommendations to boost innovation in the EU.

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