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Health 24-11-2020

EU leaked pharma strategy pushes innovation for a resilient Europe

Affordability, availability and sustainability are the main focus points of the EU’s new pharmaceutical strategy, due to be published on Wednesday (25 November). 
Health 02-09-2015

Big pharma complains about French law pushing cheap eye drug

Europe's pharmaceuticals industry said on Tuesday (1 September) it had filed a complaint with the European Commission against a French law promoting the use of Roche's cancer drug Avastin as an alternative to more expensive eye treatments.
Health 28-05-2015

Greece owes drugmakers 1.1 billion euros – and counting

Cash-strapped Greece has racked up mounting debts with international drugmakers and now owes the industry more than €1.1 billion, a leading industry official said on Wednesday (27 May).
Pharmaceutical research

Commission tells pharmaceutical industry to ‘lobby better’ in member states

SPECIAL REPORT / While the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly voicing concern about EU regulation 'damaging' its growth potential, the industry should focus on convincing member states of its strengths instead of Brussels, the Commission says.
Public Affairs 14-01-2013

Drugmakers suffer decline in trust, report says

The overall corporate reputation of pharmaceutical companies declined in 2012 compared to 2011, according to an independent study by patients' organisations.
Health 16-05-2012

European health sector improves despite crisis: Survey

European healthcare systems are defying budget cuts and the bite of continent-wide austerity programmes to deliver improving performances, according to the sixth Euro Health Consumer Index.

‘Patient information’: a case study in EU bureacracy

Three years after it was proposed, the EU Information to Patients Directive is still in limbo, writes Gary Finnegan.
Health 29-09-2010

Relief as drug ‘advertising’ plan ditched

Controversial plans to allow pharmaceutical companies to publish medicines information in newspapers have been scrapped by MEPs. The original proposal from the European Commission had been branded "advertising in disguise" by consumer groups, who welcomed the Parliament's U-turn.
Health 03-12-2009

Pharma industry prepares for end of ‘blockbuster medicines’

The days of the $1 billion blockbuster drug are over, according to a senior industry researcher. Big pharma is now investing in finding multiple uses for medicines developed to treat rare diseases, but is pushing the EU for regulatory changes to make research worthwhile.
Brexit 03-12-2009

Venture capital drought hurting biopharma SMEs

Europe's biopharmaceutical sector is under severe pressure due to the reluctance of investors to gamble on high-risk drug development projects, according to a new report sponsored by the EU.
Health 02-12-2009

EU balancing competition with innovation in pharma sector

The top official at the EU's competition office has told the European Parliament that some medicine makers effectively represent an obstacle to making savings in the health sector. However, he acknowledged that research-based pharma companies must be incentivised to produce new medicines.
Health 31-08-2009

Europe leads global drug discovery: Study

New data shows that Europe is ahead of the United States in pharmaceutical research productivity, contrary to conventional wisdom, argues Professor Donald W. Light in an article published recently in the journal Health Affairs.
Health 25-05-2009

Pharma lobby: ‘Ministers will block key element of pharma package’

Pharmacists expect member states to scupper the European Commission's plans to change the rules on how drug companies communicate with patients. In an interview with EURACTIV, John Chave, secretary-general of the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU), said most countries view the proposal, which is a key element of the Commission's pharmaceutical package, as unnecessary.
Health 25-05-2009

EU countries set to block pharma ‘ads plan’

Pharmacists expect EU countries to scupper the European Commission's plans to change the rules on how drug companies communicate with patients. In an interview with EURACTIV, John Chave, secretary-general of the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU), said most countries view the proposal, which is a key element of the Commission's pharmaceutical package, as unnecessary.
Health 01-08-2008

EU to ease drugs ad rules in upcoming ‘pharma package’

Advertising rules for prescription medicines, which are currently banned in Europe, could be relaxed in one of the most controversial initiatives expected in the Commission’s upcoming pharmaceuticals package, due in October. 

€2 billion poured into EU pharma innovation

A joint Commission-pharma industry research initiative to speed up the development of new drugs and cut down development costs began operating on 30 April 2008.

Pharma groups must ‘adapt or die’, says report

Top pharmaceuticals companies have to make some tough decisions regarding their future in the infectious disesase market as patents of major products to cure these diseases face expiry, argues independent market analyst Datamonitor.
Competition 17-01-2008

Big pharma groups raided in EU antitrust probe

The Commission has raided the offices of a number of top pharmaceutical companies to find out whether anti-competitive practices in the sector have hindered innovation and blocked the entry of cheap generics on the European market.
Health 29-11-2007

EU and US harmonise ‘orphan drugs’ approval procedures

As a first step towards expanded transatlantic cooperation on medicines regulation, the EU and US drug administrations have agreed on a common format to allow pharma and biotech companies to request market approval of so-called orphan drugs by both jurisdictions with a single application.
Health 10-10-2006

Pharmaceutical forum far from consensus

The EU high-level pharmaceutical forum still has a long way to go before tabling a consensus on the structural changes needed to improve competitiveness of the European pharmaceutical industry.
Health 26-09-2006

‘Governments have no right to cut patients off from information’

Citizens must not be excluded from access to information on such critical issues as health by their own governments, argues MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, member of the High Level Pharmaceutical Forum (HLPF).
Health 26-09-2006

‘Member states want to block any change on pharmaceuticals’

The first meeting of the High Level Pharmaceutical Forum (HLPF) is set to be difficult. In order to control the health costs, the member states are likely to block any change on the topics under discussion: pricing of medicines, the assessment of relative effectiveness of drugs and information for patients, argues MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis in an interview with EURACTIV.
Health 19-09-2006

Pharma platform proposes EU Medicines Research Academy

A pan-European platform on innovative medicines proposes the creation of an EU Medicines Research Academy to fill in the gaps in education and training in support of medicines development.
Health 05-05-2006

EU ruling makes extension of pharma patents harder

Pharma companies will have a tougher time extending the patents for some of their products following a judgment by the European Court of Justice.