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Health 07-09-2015

EU needs compulsory transparency register to rein in Big Pharma lobbying

Big Pharma is out-gunning its civil society and non-profit rivals in terms of lobbying, access, and influence at the EU institutions, write David Lundy and Rachel Tansey.
Emma Woodford
Health 18-09-2014

Why Juncker should backtrack and keep pharma policy in the health portfolio

The decision to move dossiers relating to public health to the commissioner responsible for enterprise and industry is seriously ill-advised, writes Emma Woodford.
Health 15-11-2012

Europe needs to fight harder against hepatitis

Viral hepatitis belongs to the group of the top 10 infectious disease killers in Europe with 125,000 patients who die each year. Despite its considerable impact, it receives too little attention by health policymakers although small efforts could already yield major improvements, says MEP Marina Yannakoudakis.