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Health 17-02-2016

Commission defends public health in the EU

The Juncker Commission is often  criticised by campaigners for its lack of health priorities, but the EU's executive still defended the state of health in the EU.
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Economy & Jobs 29-05-2015

Channelling the dynamism of innovative start-ups in the EU

New technologies are opening avenues for growth in areas as diverse as renewable energy, smart systems, mobility and health. The opportunities to boost innovation in Europe are enormous. Start-ups will be a cornerstone of this economic future.
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Euro & Finance 27-10-2014

Mid-market companies: The EU’s unsung heroes?

Mid-market firms – those medium-sized businesses that are larger than most SMEs but smaller than the multi- national corporations that dominate Europe’s stock markets – are crucial to the EU economy. Research into this segment in Germany, France, the UK and Italy has consistently showed that the mid-market makes up less than 2% of Europe’s companies but employs about one-third of workers and contributes one third of private sector GDP.