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  • INFOGRAPHIC: Who is who in the European Parliament? [Version 2.0]

     Infographic | Promoted content | EU Priorities 2020 08-07-2014

    After a first plenary session and a series committee meetings in early July 2014, key positions were distributed in the European Parliament.

    The European Parliament’s 22 committees held their first meeting on Monday (7 July). On the agenda was the election of committee chairs and vice-chairs.

    The week before, MEPs gathered for the Parliament's first plenary session in Strasbourg, and elected a president, vice-presidents and quaestors. They also appointed the leader(s) of their faction.

    The final leading positions were settled after one Vice-President, Corina Cretu, was selected to take up a Commissioner role in Jean-Claude Juncker's EU executive team.

    Find an overview of the Parliament's key faces for 2014-2019 in our infographic.

  • Greens vow to push for bank ring-fence after EU elections

    News | Euro & Finance 16-05-2014

    SPECIAL REPORT / The European Greens will push for a compulsory ring-fence between banks' riskier investment banking and retail activities, such as mortgages and lending to small businesses, after the European elections.

  • Public debt plan gaining momentum

    News | Euro & Finance 02-04-2014

    By reducing their debt, European countries, will return to economic growth. But creating redemption funds, and eurobligations, raises the spectre of fiscal union. EURACTIV France reports.

  • Innovation as answer to resource constraints

    Opinion | Energy 31-03-2014

    In a joint contribution for EURACTIV, members of the European Parliament, Sirpa Pietikäinen, Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, Philippe Lamberts and Jo Leinen, call for a new industrial paradigm shift as a solution for the increasing scarcity of natural resources in Europe.

  • MEPs statements after May 2013 EU Council

     Video | Promoted content | EU Priorities 2020 22-05-2013

    EU leaders met today to discuss how to lower energy prices and improve industrial competitiveness, at a time when other developed countries are rushing to invest in shale gas. Second issue on the agenda is tax evasion, which every year deprives EU governments of roughly €1 trillion.

  • Parliament gives green light to cap bankers’ bonuses

     Video | Promoted content | Euro & Finance 17-04-2013

    The European Parliament has voted to curb bankers' bonuses and reduce speculative risk-taking, and to step up capital provisions to help banks better cope in times of crisis. 

  • Green MEP: An early, orderly default is best for Greece

    Interview | Euro & Finance 24-06-2011

    Greece cannot repay its debts and the best solution would be an early orderly default, Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts from the European Green Party told EURACTIV in an interview conducted at the EU summit on 24 June.

  • Lamberts: Greens ‘first’ political party with EU-wide campaign

    Interview | Elections 25-01-2008

    The main objective of the European Green Party (EGP) in the campaign for the European elections in June 2009 will be to get the first 'Green' MEP from the new member states elected. Moreover the Greens will rely on a common political platform, stronger use of the web and Europe-wide events in all capitals and big cities to achieve their goals, Philippe Lamberts told EURACTIV in an interview.

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