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Denmark scraps planned ban on phthalate chemicals

After pressure from the European Commission and the outcome of a related court case, the Danish government has decided to scrap its planned ban on four phthalates, a group of chemicals used to soften plastic.
Health 09-07-2013

Danes want chemicals out of medical devices

Danish Health Minister Astrid Krag wants phthalate chemicals, which are used to soften plastic, phased out as part of the EU's new medical devices regulation.
Health 26-10-2012

EU-funded research shows mothers, children exposed to chemicals

The first pan-European biomonitoring survey, funded by the European Union, suggests that all mothers and children have chemicals in their bodies that should not be there.
Health 27-08-2012

Denmark defies EU with planned ban on phthalate chemicals

Danish Environment Minister Ida Auken has decided to ban four industrial chemicals linked to disrupting the human endocrine system, pushing Denmark ahead of the European Union which has already started a process of phasing out phthalates.
Health 06-07-2005

Permanent phthalates ban in toys approved

The Parliament's approval of the ban of phthalates in toys has had mixed reactions. Consumer organisations and NGOs are relieved while the toy industry points to a "misuse of the precautionary principle".
Health 26-11-2002

Commission extends ban on phthalates in toys

The EU-wide ban on the sale of toys that contain phthalates has been extended until 20 February 2003 by the Commission.
Climate change 08-09-2000

Commission prolongs phthalates ban for toys

The European Commission has prolonged for the third time its decision to ban the sale of toys containing certain phthalates.