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Development Policy 17-09-2013

EU: New Deal for Somalia is not ‘business as usual’

The European Commission pledged €650 million of additional aid for the next three years for Somalia at a conference yesterday (16 September), aimed at helping Mogadishu’s path towards peace and state building.
Development Policy 12-03-2013

Red tape in the crosshairs as EU targets global WTO deal

The European Commission is pushing to secure a World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreement that would cut red tape in trade and increase worldwide income by over €30 billion. Two thirds of this would go to developing countries.
Development Policy 26-02-2013

EU’s ‘decent life’ plan seeks to shape UN development goals

The European Commission's proposals for future global development goals, to be unveiled on Wednesday (27 February), risk running into opposition from emerging countries if they veer too broadly from fighting poverty.
Development Policy 13-02-2013

EU aid ministers vow unity in global anti-poverty talks

European development ministers have agreed that the EU will speak with one voice in future international negotiations on new targets for sustainable growth and eradicating extreme poverty.
Development Policy 18-06-2012

Global clean-energy ‘revolution’ falters ahead of Rio

SPECIAL REPORT / A UN push to provide electricity to more than 1 billion people who live off the grid is threatened by indecision at an important global development conference this week, despite robust support from EU leaders.