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Competition 07-05-2015

Seven questions and three recommendations about TTIP

TTIP is currently “too big to fly”. Pierre Defraigne offered his vision for the future of TTIP in a speech to the European Business summit.
Global Europe 20-09-2012

Why China wants a strong Europe

There is no stronger motive today to unify Europe than the growing emergence of China, writes Pierre Defraigne.
Public Affairs 21-08-2012

Will the euro sink into public oblivion?

The time has come to give the euro a political perspective and bring about a sense of common European destiny in a changing world, writes Pierre Defraigne.
Global Europe 05-09-2007

The EU, China and the quest for a multilateral world

The accelerated rise of the Chinese economy and the deepening of its relationship with the EU are likely to facilitate a change of forces in the international system and help promote the multipolarisation of international relations, argued panelists at a 2006 IFRI conference entitled "The EU, China and the quest for a multilateral world."