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Economy & Jobs 26-10-2018

Member states must not let Commission stand against Italy alone

The rejection of Italy’s draft budget by the European Commission on Tuesday is unprecedented in the history of the Stability and Growth Pact. Member states cannot sit idly by but must take a more active role in the political conflict over fiscal sovereignty.
Elections 11-07-2017

Replacing Juncker: A centre-left struggle

French Commissioner Pierre Moscovici’s name has been linked with the EU executive’s top job once the current president’s mandate ends. If Juncker’s successor is chosen in the same way he got the job, then how good are Moscovici’s chances? Nicholas Whyte explains.
Politics 21-06-2017

Why the Commission needs reform

There is an often overlooked area which is in dire need of reform: the structure and set-up of the EU Commission itself, write Kai Gehring and Stephan A. Schneider.
Elections 25-11-2011

Let people decide the next Socialist candidate for EC president

Open primaries should be held in Europe so that voters can choose the next Party of European Socialists candidate for the presidency of the European Commission, say Michel Rocard and Pierre Moscovici. Primaries are the only way to restore democratic legitimacy of the EU and its executive in these times of  the euro crisis.