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Global Europe 26-04-2016

Burundi general killed as ICC opens probe into atrocities

A top Tutsi general was gunned down in Burundi yesterday (25 April), the latest bloodshed in a year of violent political turmoil that has now prompted a preliminary probe by international prosecutors into a litany of atrocities.
Development Policy 14-04-2016

EU looks to confirm aid as a lever on human rights issues

For over 20 years, the EU has used development assistance as a lever to advance the cause of human rights. But with the current cooperation framework soon to expire, the future of aid conditionality looks uncertain. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 15-02-2016

EU fears more violence in Burundi, vows to directly assist the population

The European Union, strife-stricken Burundi's biggest aid donor, today (15 February) warned the country could face "appropriate measures" if it does not remedy its human rights record.
Development Policy 09-12-2015

EU may restrict Burundi ties over rights concerns

The EU said it could restrict its ties with Burundi to humanitarian aid after talks which finished late on Tuesday failed to resolve its concerns over human rights in the restive central African country.
Development Policy 08-12-2015

EU in last ditch bid to avoid Burundi turmoil

The European Union will host Tuesday (8 December) a high-level, last-ditch meeting of Burundian leaders, the UN, the African Union and others, in a attempt to halt the slide into violence which many fear may descend into civil war.
Albinos in Burundi - hunted for body parts
Development Policy 27-10-2015

EU calls in Burundi for rights talks

The EU on Monday (26 October) called in Burundi for "consultations" on rights violations in the impoverished central African country, a step that could lead to a suspension of aid.
Development Policy 24-07-2015

Europe readying sanctions against top Burundi officials

The European Union is ready to impose sanctions on Burundians failing to help end the Central African nation's crisis, the EU's foreign policy chief said on Thursday (23 July).
Development Policy 12-05-2015

EU states halt some Burundi aid over crackdown on protests

European nations have suspended some aid to Burundi, officials said on Monday (11 April), cranking up international pressure on the donor-reliant African nation over a crackdown on protests against President Pierre Nkurunziza's quest for a third term of office.
Development Policy 28-04-2015

Tensions grow as Burundi leader clings to power

Authorities in Burundi arrested a leading dissident and shut down the main independent radio station Monday (27 April) as they battled a second day of demonstrations against a bid by the president to cling to power for a third term.