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Health 10-02-2022

Could animal-to-human transplantation fill the EU’s organ shortage void?

After the first successful animal-to-human organ transplant, hopes are high that this could offer a way to tackle the chronic global organ shortage. And while it is slowly becoming a reality in the US, the EU is close on its heels.
Agrifood 18-06-2020

Lack of skilled workers ‘serious concern’ for pig welfare at slaughter

The European food safety authority (EFSA) has published its latest scientific opinion on the welfare of pigs at slaughter, which found that the majority of hazards identified were due in large part to staff failings.
Agrifood 23-02-2015

Brussels plans help for pork sector hit by Russian ban

Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan pledged on Sunday to take steps to support pork prices in an effort to help the industry, as it reels from a Russian import ban.
Agrifood 12-01-2011

Brussels disappointed by German response to dioxin crisis

Brussels said it was disappointed by the German response to tackle the dioxin crisis, as the health scare spread to pork on its eighth day after the discovery of the dangerous chemical in German poultry and pig feeds.
Health 05-12-2001

Export of live pigs from UK can restart

On 4 December 2001, the EU's Standing Veterinary Committee (SVC) voted in favour of a European Commission proposal allowing the UK to export live pigs from certain areas, for the first time since the foot-and-mouth crisis. The areas from which the UK is allowed to export fresh meat from bovine, ovine and caprine animals have also been extended.