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Agrifood 25-07-2019

Andriukaitis raps Bulgaria for failing to act against swine fever

The inadequate reaction of Bulgaria's authorities to a huge outbreak of swine fever puts at risk the entire pig population of the country, the EU Commissioner for health, food and safety has told the Bulgarian National Radio ‘Horizont’ programme.
Agrifood 09-04-2019

No-deal makes no sense, Irish Commissioner says

The worst possible Brexit outcome is no-deal according to EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan, who on Monday (8 April) presented a set of contingency measures specific to certain agrifood products and tailored to the most exposed member states.
Agrifood 31-03-2016

France pushes transparency rules for meat, dairy companies

France has unveiled plans to increase fines for food firms that do not publish annual results, part of government efforts to bring transparency to price talks blamed for hurting farmers.
Agrifood 23-02-2015

Brussels plans help for pork sector hit by Russian ban

Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan pledged on Sunday to take steps to support pork prices in an effort to help the industry, as it reels from a Russian import ban.
Agrifood 07-05-2014

EU counters deadly US pig virus with stricter import rules

The European Commission has approved new rules aimed at limiting the spread of a virus that has killed millions of piglets in the United States, highlighting the risk of animal feed products as a potential transmission agent.
Agrifood 02-05-2014

Rampaging US pig virus spreads concern in Europe

There are fears that a virus that has killed millions of piglets in North America and sent retail pork prices to record highs could reach Europe in the coming months, and little has been done to try to prevent its arrival.
Agrifood 21-03-2014

Moscow pork embargo causes havoc in Brussels

The European Commission has ordered EU member states to stop holding bilaterals with Russia over the pork trade and has threatened to complain to the World Trade Organization, claiming that a Russian embargo on European pork is unwarranted. EURACTIV France reports.

Further lift of foot-and-mouth restrictions on pigmeat and beef in the UK

The Standing Veterinary Committee voted on Wednesday 24 October in favour of a European Commission proposal extending the area from where Britain is allowed to export fresh pigmeat and beef. The extension concerns all the counties that have had no outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease or have remained free of the disease for more than three months.