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Central Europe 15-01-2016

Analyst: Commission is wrong to hit at Poland over the rule of law

One could be critical of the Polish government’s actions, and one could disagree with them. But it’s a completely different thing to call them undemocratic, Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

Bring women into the College!

The newly elected European Parliament has more female MEPs than ever in its history and the days when there was just one female member of the European Council are long history. Ten female out of 28 Commissioners is just the bottom line for the new Juncker Commission as there is no way the European Parliament will accept a College packed with testosterone, argues Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski.
EU Priorities 2020 22-08-2014

Returning commissioners: keeping portfolio and political responsibility

Can an outgoing Commissioner keep his portfolio in the new Juncker College? This question is pending and relevant mostly for Commissioner Oettinger, who is seeking to keep his job as Energy Commissioner. According to Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski, the answer is yes.
Sports 26-07-2012

EU at the Olympics: An invisible powerhouse

The London Games should confirm the EU’s position as a major soft power (at least in its sportive dimension), despite the global financial turmoil and economic crisis on the Old Continent, writes Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski.
Euro & Finance 15-03-2012

Poland in the EU: 2nd-class European leader

The experience of the Polish EU presidency in 2011 shows how the Lisbon Treaty has made the Council presidencies politically irrelevant and how the economic crisis has pushed countries outside of the eurozone into political insignificance, writes Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski.
Future EU 14-07-2011

The Council’s broken chain of command and what can be done about it

The division of labour between the president of the European Council (Herman Van Rompuy) and the rotating presidency of the Council of Ministers (currently Poland) since the Lisbon Treaty has divided EU leadership and led to the "European Councilisation" of EU politics, argues Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Future EU 05-10-2009

Analyst: ‘Let’s try to avoid post-referendum jubilation’

The European Union should avoid jubilation following the victory of the 'yes' camp in Ireland's referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski from the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) told EURACTIV in an interview. The resounding Irish 'yes', he said, should be understood as reflecting the desire of a small country to find allies during the economic recession.
EU Priorities 2020 14-05-2009

The European Commission 2004-09: A Politically Weakened Institution?

The European Commission has been "politically weakened" under President José Manuel Barroso's stewardship, suggests a European Policy Institutes Network (EPIN) report compiled by national experts from 25 EU member states.