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Energy 01-03-2016

Do not fund Southern Gas Corridor with EU money

The flashbulbs at Azerbaijan’s official photo opportunities should not blind Europe’s leaders to the country’s accelerated descent into authoritarianism, writes Xavier Sol
Global Europe 11-01-2016

After Ukraine, the West must encourage regional partners like Azerbaijan

If the Ukraine crisis has taught us anything, it’s that the West needs to safeguard its allies in Russia’s backyard and encourage them to implement reforms, but be more understanding of their growing pains, writes Taras Nazarenko.
Energy 03-12-2015

Nord Stream 2: How does Ukraine respond?

The expensive new Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would not be necessary if Ukraine took certain measures to ensure gas-supply security, argues Alan Riley.
Energy 26-11-2015

Russia and Turkey: Aerial combat and energy security

The aftermath of Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian warplane close to the Turkish-Syrian border on Tuesday morning could well have profound consequences for one of Europe’s most strategic energy relationships, writes John Roberts. 
Energy 23-07-2015

Russian seizure of Georgian pipeline has dangerous implications

Taras Nazarenko urges Europe to wake up and notice Russia’s new weapon: seizing its neighbours' pipelines. 
Energy 03-07-2015

Russia’s gas pipeline strategy and Europe’s alternatives

Europe depends heavily on Russian gas, but Gazprom’s plan to stop using Ukrainian pipelines will require a new EU strategy, writes Chi-Kong Chyong.
Energy 12-02-2015

‘Power of Siberia’: Russia’s rising Eastern gas empire?

Behind the scenes of the crisis-hit Russian economy, the sanctions and the rouble crisis, Moscow and Bejing are busy building a counter-axis to EU-US world dominance, writes Szilvia Batkov.