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  • EU defends itself from attack on ACTA

    News | Digital 22-03-2010

    The European Commission attempted to dispel rumours today (22 March) regarding draconian new anti-counterfeiting laws being negotiated under the global Anti-Counterfeiting and Trade Agreement (ACTA) talks.

  • Study: Internet piracy taking big toll on jobs

    News | Innovation & Industry 18-03-2010

    Over a million jobs and up to €240 billion in business could be lost in the European Union over the next five years as a result of illegal downloading, according to a new study into Internet piracy.

  • Brussels denies rumours of secret anti-piracy treaty

    News | Brexit 04-02-2010

    An upcoming global trade agreement on copyright and counterfeiting, known as ACTA, will not rewrite EU rules on the liability of internet service providers, a leading European Commission official told EURACTIV, denying media reports that suggest otherwise.

  • Telecoms package to end uncontested

    News | Digital 03-11-2009

    The EU is reportedly on the cusp of undermining Internet users' fundamental freedoms for good as the European Council is putting pressure on MEPs to agree to a watered-down version of the telecoms package tomorrow (4 November), making it possible to cut off the Web connections of suspected illegal downloaders without a fair trial.

  • UK looks to France for fighting online piracy

    News | Digital 27-08-2009

    The UK government has announced plans to punish file-sharing on the Internet which resemble France's failed 'three-strike' approach. The move was fiercely criticised by human rights activists and the high-tech industry.

  • Commission shelves plans to curb online piracy

    News | Digital 16-02-2009

    The European Commission is set to put proposals to tackle online piracy on ice until the end of its current mandate, following heavy pressure from telecoms companies and consumer organisations alike, EURACTIV has learned.

  • EU ministers reject ban on free downloading

    News | Languages & Culture 21-11-2008

    EU culture ministers yesterday (20 November) rejected French proposals to curb online piracy through compulsory measures against free downloading, instead agreeing to promote legal offers of music or films on the Internet.

  • UK moves against free downloading

    News | Digital 25-07-2008

    Following in France's footsteps, the UK is also moving towards a tougher approach on peer-to-peer websites, with six of the top British internet service providers agreeing upon a provision that engage them in sending letters to repeat downloaders of music or films from the Web.

  • EU plans new measures to curb online piracy

    News | Digital 10-12-2007

    The European Commission is considering a new set of measures that could cut web access for users of illegal file-sharing software, according to a draft policy paper on "Creative content online" obtained by EURACTIV.

  • EU seeks global anti-counterfeiting pact

    News | Trade & Society 24-10-2007

    The Commission wants member states to give it a mandate to negotiate a new agreement with its major trading partners, aimed at raising the standard of global intellectual property rights (IPR) protection and tackling the rising and increasingly problematic trade in counterfeit goods, it announced on 23 October.

  • MEPs back criminal sanctions for counterfeiters

    News | Trade & Society 26-04-2007

    The Parliament has narrowly backed a historical but controversial Directive that would force member states to harmonise their penal codes - for the first time ever - in order to combat counterfeiting and piracy across Europe.

  • China pressed on piracy, tariffs and climate change

    News | Brexit 09-11-2006

    On a four-day trip to China, Trade Commissioner Mandelson urged the Asian giant to take responsibility for the huge impact it is having on world trade and the environment.